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    May 15, 2009

    New Survey From Leading Industry Analyst Firm Shows EM IT Management Customers Among Most Satisfied in Industry

    Survey Points to EMC as “Leading Innovator” in Configuration Management Based on High Ratings for EMC Smarts Application Discovery Manager and EMC Infra

    HOPKINTON, Mass - May 15, 2009 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today reinforced its market leadership in automated IT management software as the company announced it received high marks for both its application dependency mapping and configuration management database (CMDB) solutions in a new independent customer survey. EMC addresses these markets with its EMC Smarts Application Discovery Manager and EMC Infra software offerings.

    The data was collected by market analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates in the course of researching its report, "CMDB System Deployments in 2009: From Philosophy to Federation," which focused on the trends and requirements as CMDB systems evolve towards a more federated model. The study surveyed 162 industry executives, managers and professionals and – while Enterprise Management Associates is not releasing head-to-head results – the firm announced that both EMC's application dependency mapping (Smarts Application Discovery Manager) and CMDB (Infra) solutions ranked among the highest competitively in terms of customer satisfaction.

    "Both EMC Smarts Application Discovery Manager and EMC Infra substantially outperformed the industry average for customer satisfaction, both individually and collectively," said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates. "Given these results, we believe EMC has the potential to emerge as a leading innovator in the Configuration Management Systems (CMS) market."

    Core to the survey, Enterprise Management Associates reports a majority of respondents recognize the cost-savings associated with CMDB deployments and point to these technologies as key to helping companies pull out of the economic downturn. Additionally, EMA notes that while overall IT spending is declining, investments in CMDB initiatives remained flat in 2009. According to the report: "This is a clear sign that more and more IT organizations are grasping the fact that CMDB investments represent a creative approach to gaining operational efficiencies, minimizing risk, and optimizing capex assets through automated insights into duplicative, unused, or inappropriately licensed assets."

    Finally, Enterprise Management Associates notes the ability to automate CMDB's was a primary concern for most respondents, as they ranked automation as the number one feature required when choosing to adopt new solutions. For application dependency mapping, the survey reports primary challenges as: "administrative overhead, lack of currency, cost and lack of visibility into how the application dependency mapping tool identifies specific CIs."

    "In today's fast moving and complex virtualized data center environments, companies are struggling with how to improve configuration management visibility and control to ensure IT can continuously improve service levels and deliver new operational efficiencies to the business," said EMC's Chris Gahagan, Senior Vice President, Resource Management Software. "As evidenced by our high rankings, both EMC Smarts Application Discovery Manager and EMC Infra meet these challenges head-on - helping customers actually deploy CMDB's that work – populated with up-to-date and accurate CI's and application dependencies. ADM and Infra are a perfect match in delivering a federated configuration management system solution with best-in-class discovery. We're pleased to have received such high marks and are committed to providing customers with the market's premier automated IT management solutions -- helping them better automate their data center operations now and in the future."

    Both Smarts Application Discovery Manager and Infra solutions are key pieces of EMC's IT management software portfolio, providing advanced solutions enabling customers to automate their data center operations. EMC's products conduct comprehensive discovery, compliance, analysis, automation and visualization across the physical and virtual infrastructure and applications throughout the data center.

    This automation process enables companies to discover what IT resources they have, check for IT compliance to policies, isolate root-cause problems, and immediately fix any issues. Leveraging this model-based, intelligent software, customers can take a service-centric approach to IT management and gain insight into how their information infrastructures support key business services.

    To hear more about the survey direct from EMC and Enterprise Management Associates, interested parties can register for a new EMC Webinar, “Avoid CMDB Failure – How to Achieve the Operational Efficiency You Are Looking For” – to be held on Wednesday, June 17 at 1 pm ET. To register for the event, please visit: http://campaigns.emcitmanagement.com/content/Webcast_06_17_09?source=EMCPressRelease

    For more information on EMC's resource management portfolio please visit www.emcitmanagement.com.

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