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    October 27, 2008

    RSA Extends Leadership in Identity Assurance with New Authentication and Contextual Authorization Solutions

    Innovative Solutions from RSA Provide Organizations with Increased Ability to Minimize Business Risk Associated with Identity Impersonation and Inappropriate Account Use.

    LONDON, U.K - October 27, 2008 -

    RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), today announced new and upgraded solutions that significantly advance its Identity Assurance portfolio and help enable organizations of all sizes to provide secure, easy and intelligent access to information and applications. These technologies include new RSA SecurID® Appliance solutions, an upgraded RSA SecurID hybrid authenticator and new RSA® Entitlements Policy Manager software for next-generation secure access management.

    “Those who create information security policies and deploy technology to enforce them are beholden to both keep their corporate data safe while doing their best to keep the business agile”, commented Jon Oltsik, Senior Analyst, Information Security, at Enterprise Strategy Group. “To solve this problem, a well-executed identity assurance strategy will help an organization mitigate the risk to their most critical assets and provide the confidence that only authorized individuals with approved credentials are getting into the right places. And this is how the full value of any organization’s information can be exploited in order to allow the business to accelerate and its goals.”

    New RSA SecurID Appliance Solutions

    The easy-to-deploy RSA SecurID Appliance is available in two new form factors that help provide secure remote and mobile access to network resources for small- and medium-sized businesses as well as major enterprises.

    The RSA SecurID Appliance 130 is a one-rack (1U) form factor well-suited to organizations from ten to 50,000 users, offering replicas to extend its reach across multiple locations, such as branch offices.

    The RSA SecurID Appliance 250 is a two-rack (2U) form factor that can scale to millions of users and includes redundant hardware components for large enterprises with high availability requirements.

    With an array of credentialing options, the RSA SecurID Appliance also comes pre-loaded with the latest version of RSA® Authentication Manager, the software engine that powers the RSA SecurID system. Announced earlier this year, RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 is designed to provide business continuity, extended authentication methods, and enhanced operational efficiencies.

    RSA SecurID Appliance is engineered to offer an integrated Linux® operating system, update/rollback features and single patch management. The RSA SecurID Appliance is designed to provide ease-of-use and can be deployed in as few as 30 minutes, and is interoperable with more than 350 RSA Secured® Partner solutions.

    Advancements in RSA SecurID Authenticatorsy

    RSA is also announcing an upgraded RSA SecurID hybrid hardware authenticator, as well as the availability of its RSA SecurID software token on Apple’s Mac OS X:

    • The RSA SecurID 800 hybrid authenticator is engineered to combine the simplicity and portability of an RSA SecurID authenticator with the flexibility of a smart card to provide users with a unified master key for securing both remote access and an organization’s critical data assets. By inserting the RSA SecurID 800 hybrid authenticator into a USB port and entering a unique PIN, users can not only secure remote access to corporate resources, but can also unlock an encrypted laptop, encrypt sensitive documents and files, and sign and encrypt emails. New features for the RSA SecurID 800 hybrid authenticator include Microsoft® Windows® Vista® and Windows 2008 operating systems support (both 32- and 64-bit operating systems), Microsoft Windows integration for remote PIN unblocking, and improved overall performance. The RSA SecurID 800 hybrid authenticator offers technical interoperability with more than 350 RSA Secured Partner solutions, including the leading disk and file encryption solutions.
    • RSA SecurID Software Token is now available for the Apple® Mac OS® X platform, allowing Macintosh users to conveniently access the RSA SecurID system via a software interface on their computers, while organizations can take advantage of the lower cost of software authenticators.
    Announcing RSA Entitlements Policy Manager, a New Contextual Authorization Solution to Manage Deep and Defined Access to Enterprise Resources

    RSA Entitlements Policy Manager is designed to provide IT organizations with a web-based interface to manage policies that create centralized user access controls based on fine-grained roles and attributes. The product is engineered to preserve each user’s identity context across applications, URLs, service-oriented architectures (SOA) and Web Services. RSA Entitlements Policy Manager is designed to allow IT administrators to be more agile through the ability to create, enforce and monitor centralized security policies from one central location and across the distributed application infrastructure.

    The solution is built upon a strong architectural foundation leveraging industry standards such as eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to create a scaleable system for enterprise applications. RSA Entitlements Policy Manager is designed to provide broad and deep visibility into IT controls as well as consistent policies that link both the risk associated with user authentication and the risk associated with resources. See today’s separate release http://www.rsa.com/press_release.aspx?id=9726 for more information.

    Product Availability
    • RSA SecurID Appliance 130 and RSA SecurID Appliance 250 will be available worldwide through RSA, EMC, and RSA SecurWorld channel partners during late Q4 2008
    • RSA SecurID 800 hybrid authenticator and RSA SecurID software token for Apple Mac OS X are currently available worldwide through RSA, EMC, and RSA SecurWorld channel partners.
    • RSA Entitlements Policy Manager will be available worldwide through RSA and EMC starting in late Q4 2008.

    “The solutions announced today expand RSA's existing Identity Assurance portfolio to provide powerful and innovative user authentication and web access experiences that support new business models for employees, customers and partners, while striking the right balance among risk, cost and convenience,” said Sam Curry, Vice President, Identity and Access Assurance at RSA. “More specifically, our newly advanced solutions help to assure identities to a system, resource, information, or a transaction, based on risk – while allowing enterprises to enforce access control based on a specific risk and business context, according to policy.”

    Photos of the RSA SecurID Appliance 130 and RSA SecurID 250 Appliance, as well as the RSA SecurID 800 hybrid authenticator, are available for download at: http://www.rsa.com/node.aspx?id=1392

    About RSA

    RSA, The Security Division of EMC, is the premier provider of security solutions for business acceleration, helping the world's leading organizations succeed by solving their most complex and sensitive security challenges. RSA's information-centric approach to security guards the integrity and confidentiality of information throughout its lifecycle – no matter where it moves, who accesses it or how it is used.

    RSA offers industry-leading solutions in identity assurance & access control, data loss prevention, encryption & key management, compliance & security information management and fraud protection. These solutions bring trust to millions of user identities, the transactions that they perform, and the data that is generated. For more information, please visit www.RSA.com and www.EMC.com

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