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    May 05, 2008

    EMC Unveils Next Generation Platform for Automated Network Change and Configuration Management

    EMC VoyenceControl 4.0 Leverages Model-Based Approach for Compliance and Closed Loop Network Orchestration with EMC Smarts

    HOPKINTON, MA - May 05, 2008 -

    EMC (NYSE: EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today unveiled its newest platform for next-generation automated network change and configuration management (NCCM) – EMC VoyenceControl 4.0. Providing a model-based approach to configuration management, the solution further reinforces EMC's closed-loop service orchestration strategy for data center automation and offers tight integration with EMC's market-leading resource management suite of software, including EMC Smarts.

    VoyenceControl 4.0 delivers industry-leading return on investment by enabling enterprises and managed service providers to ensure the operational efficiency, compliance, security, and availability of their networks. Core to Version 4.0 is the solution's new modeling, reporting, compliance and multi-configuration management capabilities—addressing key management challenges posed by the complexity of today's network device designs and configurations.

    "As companies struggle to keep pace with network growth, complexity and the increasing frequency of change across the networked infrastructure—solutions for managing change while monitoring governance, compliance, security and service impact are now one hundred percent vital to IT," said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates. "Since research shows more than half of IT problems stem from change and configuration issues, investments in network change and configuration solutions not only make sense, they are now becoming must have's for any enterprise or service provider that wants to remain competitive."

    VoyenceControl 4.0 is a model-based automated compliance, change and configuration management solution – delivering industry-recognized best practices, enhanced collaborative network infrastructure design, verified controlled change processes, network device and service configuration transparency, and an enhanced ability to ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements. This enables enterprises and service providers to better ensure the security, availability and operational efficiency of their networks. When combined with the model-based power of Smarts analytics, customers have an unparalleled closed loop network automation system able to automatically find root cause issues, determine compliance, provision and make appropriate network changes or rollbacks within the context of their best practices and policies.

    "With the introduction of EMC VoyenceControl 4.0, we continue to help our customers reduce the complexities of their IT environments by enabling them to take a highly automated approach to IT management," said Chris Gahagan, EMC's Senior Vice President, Resource Management Software. "When integrated with EMC Smarts or any other leading management software, EMC VoyenceControl enables fully closed-loop configuration management—automating and streamlining all tasks related to network configuration, change and compliance management."

    Core to VoyenceControl 4.0 are several new features, including:

    • Extensible Hybrid Model-Based Approach
      Aligns closely with the model-based management capabilities of Smarts and EMC Application Discovery Manager (ADM), enabling a higher level of vendor-neutral management by policy or best practice. This approach also saves customers significant time and money, allowing them to create vendor-neutral compliance templates for network devices instead of creating a policy and template for each vendor.
    • One of Industry's Only Multi-Configuration File SupportSolutions
      Allows for complete understanding of the configuration state at any time (running, start-up, VLAN database, etc.).VoyenceControl is now one of the only network change and configuration management solutions prepared to manage next generation devices and provide detailed accounting of who has changed what when, and if the change was in compliance.
    • Closed Loop Network Orchestration with EMC Smarts
      Enables VoyenceControl change events to be associated with Smarts managed devices, viewing VoyenceControl details from an event displayed in Smarts, contextually launch VoyenceControl directly from Smarts, and synchronize the Smarts and VoyenceControl topologies.
    • New Compliance Engine
      Supports both device and regulatory compliance.
    • New Reporting Engine
      Provides advanced compliance-reporting capabilities and the ability to create customized reports.

    VoyenceControl 4.0 is available now. More information can be found at https://www.dellemc.com/en-us/storage/data-storage.htm

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