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    November 06, 2007

    EMC Announces Winners of Documentum 6 Web Services Developer Challenge

    In a Matter of Days, Winners Develop Cutting-Edge Applications Based on EMC® Documentum® 6 Enterprise Content Management Platform

    Monte Carlo, Monaco - November 06, 2007 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced the winners of the company’s Documentum® 6 Web Services Developer Challenge, an event that gave software developers up to 30 days to create unique enterprise content management (ECM) applications based on the new EMC® Documentum® 6 platform. The challenge was the first in a series offered by the EMC Developer Network.

    The Documentum 6 platform is the foundation of EMC’s Documentum suite, a broad family of ECM products that powers all types of content applications, including: transactional content management, archiving, knowledge management, compliance, and interactive content management applications. The Documentum 6 platform simplifies the way in which content applications are built, configured, and deployed. With its service-oriented architecture, Eclipse-based development, and extensive configuration capabilities, Documentum 6 revolutionizes the development of content applications.

    Today at Momentum Monaco 2007, EMC awarded Armedia the Grand Prize of $50,000 in the challenge. Developers on this team included members Terence McDevitt, Anushka Munasinghe and Patrick Cotrona. The second place winner was 5MD -- the team of Rob Cleghorn, Alexandre Alvares, Andrew McAllister, James Maughan, and Simon Green -- all of BNP Paribas – who will receive $20,000, and third place winner Alan Greendyk will be awarded $10,000. An honorable mention and $5,000 was awarded to Vikram Pant.

    The challenge attracted responses from nearly 200 registrants and, in September, eight finalists were selected by a panel of experts including EMC architects as well as industry experts Larry Cable from BEA, Jeffrey Hammond from Forrester, and Geoff Bock from Bock & Company. Developers from 30 different countries participated in the challenge, and more than half of the entrants were from outside of the United States.

    “When they first announced the Documentum 6 platform this summer, EMC promised it would streamline the development of content management applications,” said Challenge Grand Prize winner Terence McDevitt of Armedia. “After using their new services and developing our Windows Mobile application so quickly, it’s clear that their claim was right on target.”

    “The ease with which we could create rich internet applications using Documentum Web Services was remarkable and a testimony to the design of the Documentum platform and its support for SOA,” said Rob Cleghorn, lead member of the BNP Paribas “5MD gTop” Team.

    While nearly 70 percent of the Challenge entrants were existing EMC customer and partner developers, the remainder were new to developing on Documentum. All participants had access to online community forums, sample code, software developer kits (SDKs), documentation and other tools and tips on the EMC Developer Network, available to all EMC developers. Reinforcing the flexibility of the platform, one finalist integrated Documentum® Enterprise Content Services with Windows Mobile™, two different finalists built applications using the Google Web Toolkit™, and one finalist built an application in approximately one week.

    “The fact that so many developers were able to create such compelling applications for consideration in one short month proves how quick and easy it is to build, configure and deploy today’s content applications leveraging Documentum 6,” said Mark Lewis, President, Content Management and Archiving Division at EMC. “By leveraging our services-based approach to content management – along with new flexible development toolkits – the contest is further evidence of how EMC Documentum continues to lead the market into the next-generation of enterprise content management.”


    1st Place - Incident Management System: Armedia
    This Windows Mobile 6 application simulates a field employee using a handheld device to capture notes in the field, and import them to Documentum. It allows for the mobile device camera to directly import images to Documentum, plus importing of images from an external service, in this instance Flickr.

    2nd Place - 5MD gTop: Rob Cleghorn, Alexandre Alvares, Andrew McAllister, James Maughan, and Simon Green
    This five man team is so named due to the five days they dedicated to their effort to build a highly functional Web based user interface to Documentum leveraging Google Web Tools. In the words of one judge: "A clear example of the power of the new Rich Internet Application (RIA) and SOA programming model in action."

    3rd Place - PDF Publishing and Search: Alan Greendyk:
    This single person entry leverages the power of Flex programming and Adobe® LiveCycle® Data Services to illustrate a publishing application pushing content into Documentum, with an extended search capability to fetch content from the Documentum repository.

    EMC extends congratulations to all the winners, and thanks all the entrants for their efforts with Documentum 6.

    For additional information about the Developer Challenge, results, and winning applications, please visit the EMC Developer Network at http://developer.emc.com.

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