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    September 06, 2007

    EMC Delivers Industr First De Duplication Backup Solution on Vmware Infrastructure

    New EMC Avamar Virtual Edition for VMware Infrastructure is First Fully Virtualized De-Duplication Solution for Backup and Recovery; New EMC Avamar Data Store System Dramatically Simplifies and Speeds Backup; Solutions Extend EM' Data De-Duplication ...

    Hopkinton, Mass. - September 06, 2007 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced the new EMC® Avamar® Virtual Edition for VMware® Infrastructure and EMC Avamar Data Store, two innovative solutions that extend EMC’s leading data de-duplication software capabilities and transform the way customers evaluate and approach data protection.

    EMC Avamar software already provides customers with dramatic data de-duplication benefits for VMware, reducing the time to back up data by up to 90%. With the new EMC Avamar Virtual Edition for VMware Infrastructure, this new, fully virtualized deployment model combines those de-duplication gains with the server and storage efficiencies of VMware's Virtual Infrastructure. VMware customers can now deploy EMC Avamar software within the virtual infrastructure and eliminate the need for dedicated backup server infrastructure, while dramatically speeding backups and simplifying backup management.

    In addition, EMC is introducing the new EMC Avamar Data Store, a complete, packaged solution consisting of leading EMC Avamar data de-duplication backup and recovery software running on pre-configured EMC-certified hardware. Together these new offerings simplify and expand the deployment options for EMC Avamar’s patented global de-duplication software to manage backup growth for remote offices, branch offices, datacenter LANs, and VMware environments. Avamar backup software solves traditional backup challenges by storing only a single copy of sub-file data segments across sites and servers, dramatically reducing the amount of data that is backed-up daily.

    EMC Avamar Virtual Edition for VMware Infrastructure – Continuing to Improve Data Protection in VMware Environments

    As the first fully virtualized de-duplication solution for backup and recovery, the new Avamar Virtual Edition for VMware Infrastructure continues to strengthen the value proposition of the two combined solutions. Complementing EMC’s recently announced integration of Avamar software with VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) for fast and efficient backup within and across virtual machines, Avamar Virtual Edition enables customers to deploy Avamar’s de-duplication technology easily, effectively and in a repeatable fashion on VMware ESX Server hosts.

    Brian Byun, vice president of global partners and solutions at VMware, said, “VMware customers in all market segments are looking for ways to maximize their datacenter utilization and achieve further ROI for their VMware deployments. We expect the new EMC Avamar Virtual Edition for VMware Infrastructure to simplify adoption of data de-duplication and protection technology in virtualized environments. It is also an innovative example of the flexibility that results from migrating physically hosted functions into a “virtual appliance” that drop into customers’ existing VMware infrastructure.”

    A key benefit for remote office data protection, the Avamar Virtual Edition for VMware Infrastructure combines backup and recovery with replication, so both recovery methods can ride on a shared virtual infrastructure. As a result, customers can mitigate risk by eliminating the need to ship tapes from site to site. This is accomplished by replicating data between Avamar virtual machines or from Avamar virtual machines to the new Avamar Data Store or to standard Avamar servers.

    Supporting all VMware backup modes – including Guest, ESX Service Console and VMware Consolidated Backup – the software is an ideal solution for small, remote offices or small data centers that have standardized on VMware Infrastructure. It supports up to 1 TB of de-duplicated backup capacity (which under a typical backup schedule, would require approximately 37 TB of traditional tape or disk storage), and can leverage the VMware shared server and storage infrastructure to further lower cost and simplify IT management.

    Lauren Whitehouse, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, said, "EMC continues to demonstrate leadership by combining two of the hottest technologies in the market today by delivering the first de-duplication backup and recovery software fully supported on a VMware server host. They are leveraging their intellectual property to deliver new and unique data protection solutions for the next-generation data center.”

    EMC Avamar Data Store – New Pre-Configured Software/Hardware De-Duplication Solution

    A packaged solution consisting of EMC Avamar de-duplication backup and recovery software running on pre-configured EMC-certified hardware, the Avamar Data Store is available in two models – a scalable multi-node model and a single-node model. This approach enhances the total customer experience with simplified purchasing and deployment, and provides new levels of affordability with minimal on-site setup.

    The multi-node Avamar Data Store is ideally designed for deployment in the data center where backup data is being consolidated from multiple remote locations or to protect VMware environments and LAN-attached servers. The single-node model is ideally designed for deployments in distributed or remote offices that require faster, local recovery performance. In addition, both models support replication, either from the remote office to the data center for consolidation, or between data centers for disaster recovery purposes.

    Northern Pipeline, a U.S.-based national leader in pipeline construction, is a beta customer for the EMC Avamar Data Store. Ryan McConnell, Northern Pipeline’s Project and Compliance Manager, said, “Northern Pipeline is a recognized leader in providing distribution infrastructure services in markets throughout the United States, and EMC helps us maintain our reputation for safe, high quality, cost-effective solutions and customer satisfaction. The EMC Avamar Data Store provided us with a turn-key data protection solution from deployment to set up, helping us avoiding the need to purchase separate products.”

    McConnell added, “Leveraging this simple to use, packaged solution, we were able to dramatically improve backup performance and significantly reduce our backup times. This solution allowed us to reduce our reliance on shipping tapes and we now have the confidence to expand data protection to remote sites and systems.”

    Mark Sorenson, EMC’s Senior Vice President of Information Management Software, said, “When customers consolidate servers, they're also consolidating backup streams. Without client-side data de-duplication, such as EMC Avamar software delivers, they're facing considerable extra expense and effort moving to virtual server environments. Now, with the new EMC Avamar Virtual Edition for VMware Infrastructure, customers can rapidly deploy and simplify the management of backups in a virtual environment. In addition, the EMC Avamar Data Store provides a one stop shop for those customers looking to consolidate separate server and software purchases for disk-based data protection. With today’s announcement, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to customers who are looking at new ways to easily and affordably reduce and recover data within their information infrastructures.”

    EMC Avamar Data Store is immediately available from EMC and its authorized resellers. EMC Avamar Virtual Edition for VMware Infrastructure will be available in November 2007 from EMC and its authorized resellers.

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