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    July 16, 2007

    New EMC Centera CAS System uses 67 less power stores 50 more data

    EMC Introduces New Energy Efficient Node Design, Disk Drive Technology, and Software Features for Leading Archiving Solution; Upgrades Provide Superior Investment Protection

    Hopkinton, Mass. - July 16, 2007 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today introduced the newest version of the EMC® Centera™ content addressed storage (CAS) system. Using a new design and new software features, customers can significantly reduce power and cooling costs and further improve security and availability of their online digital fixed content, such as archived e-mails, electronic documents and medical images. These new system and software capabilities can be incorporated into existing Centera clusters, providing superior investment protection for customers. EMC is the online archiving market leader with Centera and pioneered this segment of the industry with this innovative solution that is more cost-effective than tape, optical or traditional disk-based alternatives.

    The new EMC Centera Generation 4 LP (low power) node features a new energy-efficient design that includes high efficiency processors, chipsets and power supply along with adaptive cooling and improved component integration to significantly reduce node power consumption. The new EMC Centera Generation 4 LP (Low Power) nodes also incorporate support for new 750 GB SATA disk drives, which increase system capacity by 50 percent. The new energy efficient design, combined with new disk drive technology provides a reduction in overall node energy consumption of 67 percent per terabyte.

    “At DeKalb Medical, our mission is to improve lives through the delivery of excellent health and wellness services in partnership with our physicians. And we do this by being a leader in clinical and service excellence,” said Stephen Edge, Enterprise Architect. “Our corresponding role in Information Technology is to provide the most responsive and cost efficient information infrastructure for delivery of these services. To that end, two years ago DeKalb upgraded its radiology and scanned medical records system by replacing an optical system that was limited in size and response time, with EMC Centera. It provided immediate access to records and cost 50 percent less. With today’s announcement of the new Generation 4 LP nodes, Centera goes one better by lowering power and cooling requirements and improving improved storage density. This will allow DeKalb to address new data center challenges - energy consumption and floor space.”

    EMC Centera has always had a set of comprehensive security features such as secure access, compliance and audit capabilities. EMC is extending its security leadership with new capabilities for secure access in the latest version of the EMC CentraStar® storage operating environment for Centera. The newest version provides greater levels of authentication, system logging and auditing capabilities, which provides administrators with detailed reporting on who is accessing and attempting to access the system. In addition, the latest version of Centera Universal Access software allows applications using the CIFS and NFS protocols to implement management and replication policies on a per application basis. This was previously only available using the Centera API (application programming interface).

    New management capabilities in CentraStar include enhanced disk management and an enhanced system clean-up feature that provides faster self-healing and reclamation of disk space during content deletion operations. In addition, EMC Centera FileArchiver software, which provides policy-based data management to identify and transparently migrate static data from EMC Celerra® NAS (network attached storage) systems directly to EMC Centera-based archives, has been enhanced to gives customers high-availability access to Centera-based archive information directly from the Celerra file system.

    This new software and the new Centera Generation 4 LP nodes can be incorporated into existing EMC Centera systems. All of the software capabilities are available as a free upgrade to existing customers with a maintenance contract from EMC or a member of the EMC Authorized Services Network (ASN).

    David Donatelli, EMC’s Executive Vice President of Storage Product Operations, added, “More than 3,500 customers have chosen EMC Centera because it provides fast, easy online access with assured content authenticity; scalability that’s measured in petabytes and integration with the world’s leading applications. Our competitors are not able to match the rich functionality of EMC Centera. Meanwhile, EMC continues to innovate and develop leading CAS capabilities while helping customers reduce energy costs and ensure that the investment that they have already made in Centera is protected.”

    The EMC Centera Generation 4 LP nodes, CentraStar V3.1 SP3, Centera Universal Access V4.0 and Centera FileArchiver V4.0 are available today.

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