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    May 22, 2007

    EMC Outlines Future of Content Management and Archiving at EMC World

    EMC WORLD, Orlando, Fla. - Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    EMC WORLD, Orlando, Fla. - May 22, 2007 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced the expansion of EMC World to include Momentum, EMC's annual content management user conference. During the opening keynote address, Balaji Yelamanchili, EMC's Senior Vice President and General Manager of Content Management, and Whitney Tidmarsh, Vice President of Marketing for Content Management, will outline how EMC is driving innovation and change in the enterprise content management (ECM) market.

    The keynote presentation will focus on the evolution of enterprise content management – from information silos to virtualized repositories that can manage and access information within and outside any enterprise environment. Additionally, Yelamanchili and Tidmarsh will describe the four key pillars that will define the next phase of ECM, including: a Web 2.0 user experience that is highly customizable, configurable and allows for easy integrations with information streams inside and outside the company; a focus on intelligence and analytics across all types of content and business processes; an extremely scalable standards-based SOA infrastructure that can manage content inside and outside a repository; and the broadest content lifecycle support.

    "The future of content management is no longer just about securing, accessing and storing content," said Yelamanchili. "It is about driving new levels of collaboration and knowledge management through deriving more intelligence and context with information. It is also about managing all types of business processes and allowing connections to be made within and across different business environments. As a leader in ECM, EMC is in a great position to drive innovation in these key areas."

    Yelamanchili and Tidmarsh will also discuss how EMC delivers full information infrastructure behind business applications, enabling customers to holistically plan technology purchases, application deployments and architectures to achieve cost effective results. In addition, they will also expand on today's announcement of EMC Documentum TaskSpace, a highly configurable, new user interface for the next generation Documentum 6 ECM platform (see separate release).

    In related news, EMC also announced today availability of the EMC Documentum Technical Publishing Solution and the EMC Proven Professional Certification program for Content Management.

    EMC Documentum Technical Publication Solution

    The EMC Documentum Technical Publication Solution (TPS) leverages new XML-based functionality and transforms the way technical documentation is managed, shared, accessed and published. The solution leverages new EMC Documentum XML Transformation Services to convert XML files to PDF or HTML files for quicker and easier multi-channel publishing. Chunking, organizing and managing are also simplified with enhanced XML management capabilities in the EMC Documentum Content Server. The solution can be integrated with Just Systems XMetal Author 5.0 to facilitate expanded reuse and consistency of content throughout the content lifecycle.

    Documentum TPS supports the new Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), an XML-based standard for designing, writing, managing and publishing technical documentation in print and on the Web. In addition, the solution is supported by the EMC RapidDeploy Consulting Services for Technical Publications, a packaged service that expedites and ensures successful deployments.

    EMC Documentum Technical Publishing Solution is available immediately. For more information, please visit http://software.emc.com/technical_publication .

    EMC Proven Professional Certification program for Content Management

    The EMC Proven Professional Certification program for Content Management consists of technical training tracks and exams designed to enable customers, partners and employees to stay current with content management technology and competitive in today's dynamic environment. It also gives graduates valuable credentials that will aid them in career growth and professional success.

    Immediately available is the Application Developer track which includes the Content Management Foundations, Server Programming and Web Programming exams. Passing the Foundations exam leads to the Associate certification (EMCPA) and passing either the Server or Web Programming exams leads to Application Developer certification (EMCApD).

    EMC will release additional tracks and exams for system administrators and architects later this year. Those who become Application Developer certified by June 30, 2007 can enter a drawing to win a Nintendo Wii. For information please visit http://mylearn.emc.com/portals/home.

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