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    May 07, 2007

    EMC Launches Global Collaborative Research Network

    New EMC Innovation Network to Harness Worldwide Tech Resources, Accelerate Information Infrastructure Innovation

    Hopkinton, Mass. - May 07, 2007 -

    EMC Corporation, the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced the formation of the new EMC Innovation Network. The global, collaborative community including some of the world's brightest technology minds comprises EMC research, advanced development resources, university research partners and key customers that will seek to drive the exploration, discovery and application of new technologies that will shape the future of information infrastructure.

    In addition to a broad range of ongoing EMC advanced development and research, the EMC Innovation Network will explore key insights into how information technology is delivered, particularly as it relates to the management and use of information itself. Through the EMC Innovation Network, EMC will explore areas such as:

    Through the new EMC Innovation Network, EMC will harness the collective research and development power of its approximately 5,000 technical R&D employees; align research resources from around the globe, including those housed in EMC India-, China- and Russia-based Centers of Excellence; and foster academic collaboration through new and existing university and consortia relationships. The global collaboration will harness the collective knowledge of EMC's extended research community and expand the value of EMC's more than $1 billion annual R&D investment.

    The EMC Innovation Network will broaden the company's engagements with leading university research programs and consortia, including Carnegie Mellon University's Parallel Data Lab; Indiana University's Data and Search Institute; RFID Consortium for Security and Privacy, whose participants include faculty from Johns Hopkins University and University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Stanford University's Applied Crypto Group; University of Michigan's Center for Information Technology Integration. EMC also provides research sponsorships at Northeastern University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in addition to a wide range of other relationships including CalTech, MIT, North Carolina State University and several international universities.

    Led by Dr. Burt Kaliski, formerly Chief Scientist for RSA Laboratories (RSA, The Security Division of EMC,) the EMC Innovation Network will have a strong emphasis on adding immediate value to EMC customers by quickly converting resulting innovations into practical solutions. Dr. Kaliski reports to Jeff Nick, EMC's Chief Technology Officer, and will be supported by a team of high-profile industry leaders, including Dr. Ari Juels, head of RSA Laboratories, and Dr. Wenbo Mao, a veteran industry researcher who recently joined EMC to lead EMC's China-based research group.

    "Global collaboration has made the traditional R&D model a distant memory," said Jeff Nick, EMC's Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. "The power of the EMC Innovation Network will foster a more open and rapid discovery process and drive the development of technologies critical for the information infrastructure of tomorrow."

    "Perhaps the most exciting professional connection, for me, is the ability to link some of the world's brightest computer science students with real-world technology challenges," said Dan Boneh, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Stanford University. "The new scope of collaboration presented by the EMC Innovation Network expands on Stanford's already-tight collaboration with RSA Laboratories and EMC, and illuminates a path to resolution of deep technical problems and integration into commercial products."

    "Our goal is to produce research results that change the world for people with real-world problems," said Bill Courtright, Executive Director, Parallel Data Lab, Carnegie Mellon University. "We expect EMC's Innovation Network will help us achieve this goal and look forward to the enhanced opportunities for meaningful collaboration that it will offer."

    "EMC has a reputation for its ability to see and manage 90-degree turns, at the right moments," said Robert Gray, Research Vice President, IDC. "The EMC Innovation Network is an example of a global collaborative initiative that will help position EMC to drive innovations to the market more quickly and remain strategically vibrant."

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