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    April 30, 2007

    RSA Broadens Reach of RSA SecurID Two Factor Authentication Solution with Expanded Support for Leading Mobile Device Platforms

    RSA SecurID® Software Tokens now support Java™ Micro Edition Platform and will support Windows Mobile® platforms, enabling secure access to enterprise resources from mobile devices

    Hopkinton, Mass. - April 30, 2007 -

    RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), today announced that its RSA SecurID® two-factor authentication technology now supports the Java™ Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME platform) and will soon support Windows Mobile® platforms.  Smart phones based on these platforms can now be provisioned with a RSA SecurID Software Token, eliminating the need to carry a separate RSA SecurID hardware authenticator.

    A mobile device with an RSA SecurID Software Token activated is engineered to provide a convenient mechanism for securely accessing network resources, while bringing confidence, flexibility and choice in strong authentication to consumers and enterprises.

    RSA SecurID Software Tokens are now designed to support devices built on the Java ME platform – such as the Nokia Eseries family of business optimized devices powered by Symbian OS 9 with Platform Security and S60 3rd Edition with Java ME platform.  With support for the Java ME platform, users can now leverage RSA SecurID software authenticator technology on a brand new class of everyday devices.  In addition, RSA SecurID Software Tokens are engineered to now support the latest Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 platforms, utilized by devices such as the soon-to-be-launched Motorola MOTO Q 9h smart phone and handsets available from major mobile service providers.

    For years, RSA SecurID Software Tokens have been supported on other leading mobile devices including Microsoft® Pocket PC, Palm® Treo™ smartphone, and RIM® BlackBerry® devices.  With new support for Java ME platform and Windows Mobile platform, RSA now provides two-factor authentication functionality for the majority of mobile platforms available on the market today.  Certain devices, such as the high performance MOTO Q 9h smart phone, are also designed to provide integration between the embedded RSA SecurID Software Token technology and the device’s VPN client to seamlessly enable two-factor authentication for remote access, creating an easy-to-use, secure corporate network access experience for today’s on-the-go professional.

    “Strong authentication can enhance enterprise security, and reduce identity theft and consumer fraud,” noted Mark Diodati, Identity and Privacy Strategies analyst with Burton Group.  “Support for mobile devices reduces the number of items the user must carry and all but ensures that strong authentication is available when the user needs it.”

    Rapattoni Corporation, a leading technology provider to real estate associations and multiple listing services nationwide, currently distributes RSA SecurID software tokens as part of its Secure Logon strong authentication service.  Rapattoni Chief Information Officer Peter Williams notes, “In line with many other industries, real estate industry demand is growing for the convenience of software authenticators.  Nearly every real estate agent carries a sophisticated PDA or smart phone.  We are excited to include RSA SecurID Software Tokens in the next generation rollout of Rapattoni Secure Logon.”

    RSA SecurID Software Tokens allow IT departments to increase the functionality of everyday devices and corresponding investments.  By merging RSA SecurID technology onto a user’s trusted device, RSA makes strong authentication a convenient part of the way people do business.  Designed for use in conjunction with RSA® Authentication Manager – the enterprise-class software that powers RSA SecurID technology – software tokens deliver innovative alternatives to users seeking convenient access to protected network resources. 

    “For many CIOs, mobile application security continues to top the list of concerns,” said Robbie Higgins, director, Wireless Security Services, Motorola.  “And Motorola takes those concerns very seriously – that’s why we work with companies like RSA.  Leveraging its RSA SecurID technology for devices like our new MOTO Q 9h, we're helping to provide mobile professionals and prosumers with increased confidence around accessing business-critical data through a secure VPN from their mobile platform.  For account providers and enterprises, the solution offers a flexible mechanism to arm users with stronger authentication without having to procure and deliver stand-alone authenticators.”

    “Nokia is focused on giving mobile workers access to critical information without compromising on security or usability, making mobile access as painless as possible for both the IT manager and the worker,” said David Dorosin, director of product marketing, Security & Mobile Connectivity, Nokia.  “Strong authentication technology like that provided by RSA SecurID technology integrated with Nokia Eseries business devices helps our customers to preserve the security of corporate information while also maintaining end user convenience.  To provide added value, we are also easing deployments of RSA SecurID Software Tokens with the Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite server which provides businesses with the flexibility, manageability and extensibility to connect corporate data to virtually any device over almost any network.”

    RSA SecurID Software Tokens residing on a mobile device generate a random, one-time-use passcode that changes every 60 seconds; the user would leverage this as follows:

    RSA SecurID Software Tokens use the same algorithms as the industry-leading RSA SecurID hardware authenticators, including the industry standard AES algorithm.

    “Broadening the availability of two-factor authentication technology on leading mobile solutions enables RSA to help accelerate its customers’ business objectives by offering expanded security options and cost-savings opportunities,” said Christopher Young, vice president and general manager, Consumer and Access Solutions Group at RSA, The Security Division of EMC.  “Both enterprises and consumers can leverage a single device to support additional security capabilities.  In this way, we are not only facilitating the deployment of ubiquitous authentication to an ever-growing mobile market, but also building the necessary confidence that corporate data is being accessed securely by customers, partners and employees.”

    RSA SecurID Software Tokens for the Java ME Platform are currently available.  RSA SecurID Software Tokens for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 platforms will be available on select products shipping in Q2 2007. 

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