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    April 18, 2007

    EMC Marks Five Years of EMC Centera Innovation and Market Leadership

    Pioneering Content Addressed Storage Solution Remains #1 Choice for Simple, Affordable and Secure Information Archiving

    Hopkinton, Mass. - April 18, 2007 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today marks five years of technology and market leadership for its EMC® Centera™ content addressed storage (CAS) system. Designed to securely archive fixed content – unchanging information such as x-rays, voice archives, electronic documents, e-mail archives, check images, CAD/CAM designs, etc.– the EMC Centera platform is used by more than 3,500 customers worldwide, including the top 20 companies on the Fortune 500 list. EMC Centera remains the first and only storage solution purpose built from the ground up to address the challenges and opportunities associated with the active online use of archived information.

    EMC introduced the EMC Centera platform in April 2002. As of March 2007, EMC shipped more than 150 petabytes of EMC Centera capacity—enough to hold 32.2 billion 5-megabyte digital photos or 2.1 trillion 80-kilobyte e-mail messages. The system can archive information from almost any application (such as digital bank check-imaging software), or any platform (such as a digital x-ray machine). The number of independent software applications integrated with the EMC Centera platform has grown from 13 in April 2002 to more than 250 today—covering more applications and industries than any other fixed content storage platform on the market today.

    Steve Duplessie, Founder, Enterprise Strategy Group, said, "Five years ago, no one was talking about the impending tidal wave of fixed digital content, and certainly not about using intelligent disk for compliance when it came to e-mail or file data. Now you can't have a conversation without those topics coming up. EMC Centera has been another defining example of EMC creating a product for the times ahead, and executing so well that, even now, the rest of the pack is a distant second. Every market leader has its detractors, but EMC has hit nearly $1 billion in EMC Centera revenue while the others were still arguing whether fixed content storage was a market or not."

    Over the past five years, EMC Centera has earned numerous industry awards and accolades as a simple, affordable, scalable, secure online archival storage medium capable of cost-effective retention, protection and disposition of a wide range of fixed content. Whether for day-to-day business, internal governance or regulatory requirements, customers use EMC Centera because it provides online access, assured content authenticity and enforces an application's retention and disposition policies intrinsic in storage at a total cost of ownership less than solutions that do one or none of these things.

    Four years ago, Children's Hospital Boston, one of the nation's top hospitals specializing in pediatric care, installed an EMC Centera system to manage and archive radiology images. Today, the hospital continues to use the system to manage content generated from the hundreds of thousands patients it services each year. John Speziale, Director, ISD-Radiology at Children's Hospital Boston said, "EMC Centera supports our Fuji Synapse application, which enables us to provide Radiology images to the Children's community in a highly effective manner. It has played a major role in how we now archive and retrieve information, while allowing us to reach our goal of any image, any time, any place. In the four years since we installed the EMC Centera solution, we have doubled our storage capacity, and it isn't going to slow down anytime soon. Between new acquisition devices, such as our new 64-slice CT scanners, and the numerous compliance requirements we must adhere to, our hospital must have a proven and scalable CAS system that will provide us with the lowest total cost of ownership."

    The amount of digital data that needs to be archived continues to grow exponentially. In March 2007 the EMC-sponsored IDC study, The Expanding Digital Universe: A Forecast of Worldwide Growth Through 2010, predicts that while nearly 70% of the digital universe will be created by individuals, organizations will be responsible for the security, privacy, reliability and compliance of at least 85% of the digital universe. See: http://www.emc.com/news/emc_releases/showRelease.jsp?id=4932.

    David Donatelli, EMC Executive Vice President, Storage Products Operations, said, "In 2002, EMC saw that customers were beginning to face a potentially complex maze of regulatory and governance challenges, so we took action, and the end result was the creation of a entirely new category of storage. EMC Centera is now in its fourth generation, and we continue to develop new and innovative functionality to ensure that the ever-increasing landslide of digital data customers are facing is securely archived and available when it is needed."

    For more information about EMC Centera, please visit: http://www.emc.com/products/systems/centera.jsp?openfolder=platform

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