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    February 06, 2007

    RSA Announces Major Enterprise Data Protection Technology Expansion through Agreement to Acquire Valyd Software Private Ltd and New Strategic Partnerships

    RSA to Launch RSA® Database Security Manager and RSA® File Security Manager Expanded Data Security Solutions Portfolio from RSA Created Through New Strategic Partnerships with CipherOptics, Decru and NeoScale; RSA Also Launches Initiative to Define C...

    RSA CONFERENCE 2007/San Francisco, CA - February 06, 2007 -

    RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), today announced a major expansion of its enterprise data protection (EDP) strategy that will help enable customers to secure encryption endpoints across the enterprise. By protecting data wherever it resides, this will empower customers to pursue and accelerate their primary business objectives with confidence.

    Core to this development, RSA has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Hyderabad, India-based Valyd Software Private Ltd. for an undisclosed sum, and has established strategic partnerships with CipherOptics, Decru, NeoScale Systems and Epicor|CRS.

    The acquisition of Valyd is expected to close later in Q1-2007. Upon completion, it will immediately provide RSA's customers with solutions for effective enterprise-wide data protection for a variety of database management systems and protection of sensitive data maintained in files – against internal and external attacks.

    Regulations regarding the protection of sensitive consumer, business and government data to prevent identity theft and fraud have created new security complexities that many organizations are not equipped to solve. Existing state laws and federal laws are spurring organizations to protect this data fully regardless of where it lives and where it travels – including within applications, databases, files, disk storage systems, tape systems or network links. The expansion of the RSA Enterprise Data Protection strategy and technology offerings will help organizations tackle the deployment of encryption technology more efficiently – and with greater control and predictability by simplifying the management of security controls.

    The powerful combination of RSA Database Security Manager and RSA File Security Manager with encryption solutions from our strategic partners will enable stronger integration between endpoint security solutions and RSA Key Manager's capabilities.

    In addition, a strategic technology alliance with Epicor|CRS has been established which will provide the first RSA key management-enabled point-of-sale (POS) solution to retailers. RSA Key Manager technology is planned to be integrated into Epicor|CRS's retail point-of-sale solution to help protect sensitive information such as credit card magnetic stripe data and consumer data at the point of entry to meet PCI and other data security requirements. RSA Key Manager software is a stand-alone key lifecycle management offering that enables businesses to effectively control encryption keys by providing centralized, secure and simplified administration for all applications.

    "Enterprises will turn to RSA to leverage our expanded set of enterprise data protection solutions that are engineered across all encryption endpoints to mitigate risk further, reduce costs and help meet regulatory compliance mandates. We're working to accelerate their business objectives because, with the proper security controls in place, we can help them focus on current business processes and ensure that business continuity plans function without interruption," said Rick Welch, Vice President & General Manager, Data Security Solutions at RSA, The Security Division of EMC. "We are working to reduce the complexity in the typical IT environment where heterogeneous applications and platforms exist. With integrated solutions from RSA, our customers can confidently protect their private consumer, employee and partner data throughout the information infrastructure."

    New EDP Solutions from RSA

    RSA Database Security Manager and RSA File Security Manager will both be seamlessly integrated with RSA Key Manager software. RSA Database Security Manager is designed to deliver highly secure data protection for a variety of database management systems (DBMSs) including those from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, and Teradata. This protection is completely transparent to applications and business processes that access the DBMSs. As engineered, it is especially suited to heterogeneous DBMS environments to ensure consistent enforcement of security policies across systems, regardless of the provider. RSA File Security Manager is designed to provide protection of sensitive data maintained in files – against internal and external attacks. It provides centralized management, enforcement of separation of duties and other security polices for sensitive files regardless of where they exist on the network. Centralized management of encryption keys also ensures that keys can be quickly located when they are needed lessening the risk of data compromise or loss.

    RSA also continues to collaborate with leading database technology vendors to foster interoperability among RSA Key Manager software and native database encryption solutions to ensure that customers always have the most appropriate solution to meet their needs.

    New Strategic Partnerships

    Extending RSA's mission to provide companies with a more comprehensive approach to enterprise data protection (EDP) across all encryption endpoints – whether in applications, databases, disk storage systems, files, tape systems or network links – strategic partnerships have been formed with CipherOptics, Decru and NeoScale Systems to bring a range of best-of-breed solutions to market. With expanded EDP offerings through these strategic partnerships, RSA becomes one of the definitive sources of data security offerings for CIOs and other key decision makers. RSA is also working with CipherOptics, Decru, NeoScale, and other industry leaders to create common standards for key exchange and management.


    CipherOptics is a leading innovator in network security solutions, providing transparent security overlays that solve the fundamental problems of scalable data protection.

    "With complimentary capabilities and a shared commitment to easing the deployment and management burden of encryption technology, RSA is a natural strategic partner for CipherOptics," said Ron Willis, president and CEO of CipherOptics. "We look forward to working together to ensure our customers have the key management functionality they need to develop an in-depth security strategy that provides the improved control, visibility and access required to overcome the fundamental problems of scalable data protection."


    Decru is a leading provider of storage security solutions to address critical business requirements, including data privacy, regulatory compliance, and intellectual property protection. Decru DataFort® storage security appliances automate and simplify secure data management for heterogeneous enterprise environments.

    "RSA and Decru are working together with customers to define the next generation of interoperable encryption and key management services," said Suresh Vasudevan, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Decru. "Enterprises today face the daunting task of securing data privacy across heterogeneous multi-vendor environments. They are asking vendors to work together and streamline this process, and Decru and RSA are stepping up to meet these needs."

    NeoScale Systems, Inc.

    NeoScale Systems, Inc., a leading provider of storage security solutions, enables enterprise customers to achieve data privacy with low operational impact and at the low total cost. The company's award-winning CryptoStor® appliances automate encryption of data that is either on a storage network or at rest on disk, virtual tape, or tape media.

    "NeoScale tape and disk security solutions are widely deployed in the world's most important enterprises and government organizations. Every day these customers rely on NeoScale to protect their sensitive data and encryption keys. As these customers deploy other types of encryption solutions, we recognize the need in the marketplace for key management standards and interoperability to simplify overall management," said James Yu, Senior Vice President, Business Development, NeoScale. "To this end, we have been working with multiple standards organizations and partners who share these goals. We are looking forward to working closely with RSA to continue to drive open key management standards and to deliver integrated solutions to our mutual customers."

    Planned Integration Between RSA Key Manager and Leading Retail Solution from Epicor|CRS

    Regulatory guidelines and industry security standards such as the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – which outlines best practices for the handling of credit card data that is stored, processed or transmitted – continue to motivate companies to develop and adopt an encryption strategy for their high-risk data stores and applications. The key challenge lies in how an organization implements encryption without breaking existing data flows and business processes. To help solve this problem, RSA Key Manager technology will soon be integrated into the CRS RetailStore™ point-of-sale solution to help protect sensitive information such as credit card magnetic stripe data and consumer data at the point of entry. CRS RetailStore is a feature-rich store system that empowers store personnel to provide a better customer experience and more effectively manage a chain of integrated stores. The planned integration with RSA Key Manager software will enable Epicor|CRS retail customers to quickly enable key management capabilities to reduce the complexities in encryption deployments by centralizing the provisioning and lifecycle management of encryption keys. This capability – to protect at the point of entry – helps ensure that information will be both properly secured and fully accessible when needed at any point in its lifecycle.

    "Epicor|CRS prides itself on moving swiftly to respond to market needs and in incorporating best-of-breed technology to meet those needs," said Nader Nemati, global director of Epicor's retail and hospitality industry practice. "Through our innovative technology alliance with RSA, we are pleased to offer our retail customers enterprise data protection that not only complies with industry standards, but provides protection throughout the data lifecycle."

    Epicor|CRS has also joined the RSA Key Manager Partner Program. The program is supported by professional services and systems integration professionals and allows organizations to certify the interoperability of data protection solutions with RSA Key Manager software. The RSA Key Manager Partner Program has become a formal extension of the RSA Secured® Partner Program, one of the largest technology alliance programs of its type, bringing over a dozen years of experience and hundreds of complementary solutions together. The RSA Key Manager Partner Program furthers RSA's long-standing philosophy of delivering flexibility and choice while enabling companies to leverage our technology alongside offerings from other vendors.

    More information on RSA's announcements and related initiatives may be found online at www.rsa.com/rsaconference2007/. In addition, RSA's information-centric solutions will be featured at Booth #1316 at RSA Conference 2007, February 5-9, 2007, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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