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    February 05, 2007

    RSA Expands Secure Access to Information with Two And Three Factor Authentication Technology on Everyday Devices

    Consumers, Enterprises & Government Organizations Benefit through New RSA SecurID® Partnerships and Product Development with Biometrics Experts MXI Security, Privaris and UPEK. Ongoing Development Advances with RedCannon, Research In Motion and SanDi...

    RSA CONFERENCE 2007/San Francisco, CA - February 05, 2007 -

    RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), today announced new and expanded strategic partnerships that extend its drive to bring confidence, flexibility and choice in strong authentication to consumers, enterprises and government organizations.

    These strategic partnerships accelerate RSA's initiative to enable secure access to information – whether by customers, partners or employees – and foster ubiquitous stronger authentication by embedding the industry-leading RSA SecurID® algorithm into everyday devices. These partnerships enable RSA to help accelerate its customers' business objectives by offering greatly-expanded deployment options and cost-savings opportunities, as both enterprises and consumers can leverage a single device – such as a smart phone, PDA, USB flash drive, or biometric sensor on a laptop or other device – to support additional security capabilities.

    RSA has formed new strategic partnerships with biometrics technology vendors MXI Security, Privaris and UPEK, Inc., which have all joined the RSA SecurID Ready for Authenticators Partner Program. MXI Security's portable security devices have the RSA SecurID algorithm embedded and are already shipping. Universal biometric tokens from Privaris and fingerprint authentication security solutions from UPEK will be integrated with RSA SecurID strong authentication technology. All three biometrics technology partners provide RSA-enabled three-factor authentication via something you have (the biometric device), something you are (your fingerprint) and something you know (a PIN). Fingerprint readers can also be used to replace a PIN through the process of two-factor authentication.

    RSA is also pleased to announce new technology and partnership developments – and plans for additional, future integration – with existing partners RedCannon, Research In Motion and SanDisk:

    Integrated solutions from these firms and others to follow will allow IT departments to increase the functionality of everyday devices and corresponding investments. RSA will work with its strategic partners to market these solutions jointly as they become available to customers worldwide.

    "We are delivering on our commitment to make it easier for users to get the benefits of stronger security in the devices they already own, and provide account providers and enterprises with a flexible mechanism to arm their customers with stronger authentication without having to procure and deliver stand-alone authenticators," said Dennis Hoffman, Vice President & General Manager, Enterprise Solutions at RSA, The Security Division of EMC. "By integrating RSA SecurID technology into our strategic partners' solutions, we are not only facilitating the simplified deployment of robust authentication to an ever-growing market, but building the necessary confidence that corporate data is being accessed securely by customers, partners and employees. In addition, we are excited about the addition of biometrics technology to the vast RSA SecurID ecosystem of technology partners."

    Biometrics Authentication Technology Creates New Opportunities for Customers

    MXI Security's portable security devices have the RSA SecurID algorithm embedded and are already shipping, and new biometrics authentication partners Privaris and UPEK are working to integrate their solutions with the RSA SecurID algorithm in order to cater to businesses and government users that require the added confidence gained from extra levels of security and convenience. Fingerprint-based authentication leverages human physical characteristics for identification purposes, providing a third factor of authentication while maintaining ease of use and deployment. Biometrics devices can also be FIPS-, FBI- and GSA-certified as well as HSPD-12 compliant for government users.

    MXI Security

    MXI Security, a division of Memory Experts International, provides portable security devices for the enterprise. The company has integrated RSA SecurID technology into its Stealth MXP™, Stealth MXP™ Passport and Outbacker MXP™ USB-powered, secure, multi-functional biometrics devices with on-board processing for seamless, hardware-based AES 256 encryption, secure storage and strong authentication. The devices from MXI Security also include a remote access client for a completely portable solution called MXI Remote ACCESS.

    "Security and privacy are paramount to our customers and through the integration of Stealth MXP embedded with RSA SecurID technology, now available, we have further expanded public and private sector organizations' abilities to satisfy multiple security needs with a single device, enabling more portability and reduced complexity", said Lawrence Reusing, CEO at MXI Security. "The ability to embed RSA SecurID authentication capabilities into our products allows an enterprise to leverage the same device for two-factor authentication and a variety of security applications including remote access, workstation logon, PKI and encrypted portable storage. With RSA, we can now provide customers with more functionality, flexibility and security to meet the growing needs of enterprises."


    Privaris, a leading provider of wireless biometric identity verification solutions, plans to integrate RSA SecurID technology into the company's plusID™ security token, a personal identity verification device that uses fingerprint technology to enable biometrically-assured logical access to computers, networks, websites, VPNs and applications, as well as physical access to facilities, via RFID, Bluetooth® wireless technology and USB. plusID technology contains a built-in fingerprint reader to verify its owner's identity and a secure processor to perform trusted cryptographic operations.

    "Our plusID technology eliminates the need for multiple access cards and passwords and meets the personal privacy requirements of enterprise employees. plusID technology will be a superb example of how proven, industry-leading RSA SecurID technology can be integrated with a universal biometric token for convenient everyday use," said John Petze, CEO of Privaris. "Our strategic partnership with RSA provides a simple way to add an existing one-time password infrastructure to a biometric token, easily converge physical and logical security, and provide three-factor authentication, with the added benefit of a fast and simple deployment."

    UPEK, Inc.

    UPEK, Inc., a leading global brand of fingerprint authentication security solutions, plans to integrate the RSA SecurID algorithm into its biometric solutions – which are deployed worldwide by enterprises, government agencies, consumers, healthcare organizations and financial institutions. By authenticating individuals based on "who you are," UPEK technology acts as a root of trust and, in conjunction with the embedded RSA SecurID algorithm, provides stronger authentication for remote access applications based on one-time password (OTP) technology. The ease-of-use of UPEK technology means users simply swipe their finger over the sensor for reliable authentication and protection of their digital and physical assets, accelerating end-user adoption of enterprise security measures. UPEK solutions for the government market include the only silicon fingerprint sensor to receive FBI and GSA certifications.

    "At a time when identity and corporate data theft are on the rise, the natural next step for organizations is to seek more secure access technology to protect their critical information assets – while not complicating their existing environments. Our plans to integrate with RSA SecurID technology will provide additional OTP-based security features around our existing 'secure channel' capability, protecting transactions from the client device to the network server," said Greg Goelz, Vice President of Marketing at UPEK. "UPEK's pervasive installed base of fingerprint solutions and RSA's market-leading two-factor authentication technology offers these organizations an easy-to-deploy solution with the highest level of security."

    New Developments and Products from Existing 'RSA SecurID Ready for Authenticators' Partners

    RSA is also pleased to announce new technology and service developments – and plans for additional, future integration – with existing partners Motorola, RedCannon, Research In Motion and SanDisk – for strong portable devices or systems with the embedded RSA SecurID algorithm that provide consumers and businesses with the ability to enhance secure access to sensitive network data using everyday devices. The results of this technology integration helps to increase confidence that critical assets are secured while providing the ability to reduce costs, ease deployments and deliver end-user convenience.


    Motorola Security Services is announcing plans to expand its portfolio to include RSA SecurID technology, providing strong authentication capabilities for mobile devices. This enhancement to Motorola's portfolio will offer enterprises a reliable way to help enable secure mobile access to corporate network data, helping to improve worker productivity, efficiency and customer service.

    "Mobile application security continues to top the list of concerns for many CIOs," said Robbie Higgins, Managing Director of Security Services, Motorola Networks & Enterprise. "Integrating RSA SecurID technology into our end-to-end security solution will allow us to provide additional assurance at the individual user and application level so that mobile workers can access business-critical data from a variety of devices. We continue to work with RSA on exploring additional opportunities to enhance future wireless security capabilities."


    RedCannon, a trusted developer of centrally managed, secure mobile-access solutions, is now a certified RSA SecurID Ready for Authenticators Partner which signals technical interoperability with RSA SecurID technology. RedCannon KeyPoint Alchemy transforms any off-the-shelf USB device into a managed KeyPoint-enabled device that includes its KeyPoint Vault and KeyPoint Access solutions. KeyPoint Access incorporates the RSA SecurID one-time password software authenticator technology along with VPN, Citrix, email and Web clients, and anti-spyware technology. RedCannon's enterprise management capabilities allow organizations to centrally manage and track all mobile devices connected to the network and to deploy, update, track, disable, lock out or destroy any number of KeyPoint-enabled devices. KeyPoint Access also improves manageability for users with multiple RSA SecurID software authenticators.

    "Secure remote access and identity management are two of the fastest growing segments of the security market," said Vimal Vaidya, Chief Executive Officer at RedCannon Security. "We are pleased to be an RSA certified partner and incorporate the RSA SecurID software authenticator into KeyPoint Access, enabling us to deliver a solid intersection of these two technologies. Combining these solutions allows us to provide our Fortune 500 customers with an all-in-one, managed mobile access solution that meets their enterprise requirements for any time, anywhere computing."

    Research In Motion

    Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM), a global leader in wireless innovation, and RSA continue to build upon their long-standing relationship. In addition to enabling a BlackBerry handset to be used as an RSA SecurID authenticator, RIM is now also shipping the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software (versions 4.1.1 and higher) with integrated support for RSA SecurID technology as part of its BlackBerry® Mobile Data System (MDS), including support for one-time passwords and "over-the-air" provisioning of RSA SecurID software authenticators to BlackBerry handsets. BlackBerry MDS is a key component of the BlackBerry platform that allows enterprise applications to be securely accessed from a BlackBerry handset.

    "Security has always been a fundamental strength with the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and is one of the many reasons that customers around the world continue to choose the BlackBerry platform," said Scott Totzke, Vice President, Global Security Group at Research In Motion. "With support for RSA SecurID two-factor authentication, organizations can enforce additional authorization when users access application data or corporate intranets from their BlackBerry handsets."

    SanDisk Corporation

    SanDisk Corporation, the world's largest supplier of flash memory cards, expects to ship a new dual-factor authentication product – TrustedSignins™, based on SanDisk TrustedFlash™ technology – in late-Q1 2007, complete with the RSA SecurID algorithm embedded. This solution combines SanDisk's 32-bit controller architecture with an embedded high-performance cryptographic engine to provide real-time encryption and tamper-resistant security to keep stored data highly-secure. As a secure platform that is transparent to the consumer, TrustedFlash will provide secure protection against online fraud through its forthcoming integration with RSA SecurID one-time password technology. The TrustedSignins solution provides an automatic RSA-based one-time password, with simple, clickable icons that make the system easy-to-use and adopt.

    "The SanDisk TrustedSignins products will increase security for consumers during online banking and other transactions on RSA SecurID technology-enabled websites," said Marc Metis, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at SanDisk Corporation. "Consumers can be confident in the security of their transactions with RSA SecurID two-factor authentication. And the main advantage for enterprises is they do not need to bear the expense of stocking and supplying hardware authenticators to its user base but can simply advise customers to buy a TrustedSignins-compatible SanDisk memory device in whatever capacity they like."

    More information on RSA's announcements and related initiatives may be found online at www.rsa.com/rsaconference2007/. In addition, RSA's information-centric solutions will be featured at Booth #1316 at RSA Conference 2007, February 5-9, 2007, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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