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    November 28, 2006

    Cape Cod Healthcare Depends on EMC to Keep Medical Information Online and Highly Available

    Award-Winning Healthcare Enterprise Slashes Time to Restore Backed Up Data from Three Hours to Five Minutes

    Hopkinton, Mass. - November 28, 2006 -

    EMC Corporation, the world leader in information management and storage, today announced that Cape Cod Healthcare, Cape Cod's largest provider of healthcare services with more than 400 physicians and 4,000 employees, is using EMC software, storage and services as key components of its Continuous Computing program. The program is designed to enable facilities and clinicians to provide medical services to patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    In 2006, Cape Cod Hospital, a partner within the regional healthcare organization, was chosen as one of the Top 100 hospitals in America, marking the fifth time in nine years that the hospital has received this honor through the independent annual Solucient survey of all 3,000-plus U.S. hospitals.

    John Kilroy, Cape Cod Healthcare's Vice President and CIO, said, "We're almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and are at risk for hurricanes and floods. Healthcare cannot be put on hold, so we developed our Continuous Computing program to ensure the information that drives all of our medical and operational IT systems is available all the time. EMC's business continuity solutions at the core of this program have helped us shrink our recovery times from hours to a few minutes and improve the quality of our recovered data. And as we consolidate our vast information infrastructure, we're able to more reliably and cost-efficiently manage our information day-to-day. It is so much more centralized."

    As part of an overall business continuity plan, Cape Cod Healthcare system administrators use EMC NetWorker™ Module for MEDITECH software to perform full backups of MEDITECH applications – such as administration, clinical and patient care, electronic medical records and financial applications, among others – at any time and without interrupting applications or affecting users. NetWorker generates backup snapshots of Cape Cod Healthcare's 15 servers, which are then stored on centralized EMC CLARiiON® systems. The entire MEDITECH backup set is then written to tape in a single pass.

    NetWorker snapshots are also replicated hourly using EMC SAN Copy™ software, from Cape Cod Healthcare's Hyannis campus, which is at sea level, to another EMC CLARiiON system at a safer geographic location – the organization's Falmouth campus, which sits on a hilltop 25 miles away.

    Jim Walsh, Cape Cod Healthcare's Director of IT, noted, "Before implementing the EMC solution, we would back up our 15 servers individually to tape drives in Hyannis and ship the tapes to a fireproof safe at our Falmouth campus. Because this process was so cumbersome, we only did tape backups once a day, meaning that recovery data could be as old as 23 hours 59 minutes if we need to restore a backup. Today, we take snapshots every two hours using EMC NetWorker, so there's far less chance of data loss. The time it takes to recover a backup after our IT team has analyzed the problem has dropped from three hours to five minutes, a reduction of 97%."

    Sean Flaherty, Cape Cod Healthcare's Network Engineer, said, "EMC is providing the right mix of technologies and support services at the right cost to make our Continuous Computing program a reality. EMC's services consultants have worked closely with our IT team to help design and roll out these solutions in a very professional and expedient way. We've been very impressed with EMC's extensive experience in and range of solutions for business that are critical to our plan of improving information availability and lowering IT costs."

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