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    April 24, 2006

    EMC Corporation Unveils EMC Smarts Application Discovery Manager

    New Software Discovers and Models Application Behavior, Serves as Catalyst for Enterprise-Wide Monitoring, Analysis, and Automation

    Hopkinton, Mass. - April 24, 2006 -

    Smarts Application Discovery Manager rapidly builds its behavior model, then continuously updates this model as configurations and other application and infrastructure interdependencies are modified. Core to Application Discovery Manager are the following features:

    Also key to Application Discovery Manager is the solution’s change-tracking capabilities. The resource management software automatically creates and maintains a real-time log of changes to thousands of hardware and software configuration items including application components, configuration files, deployed applications, file systems, installed applications, IP addresses, memory and patches. Application Discovery Manager also can capture change information related to settings in configuration files, and it can display in real-time changes across the business and IT infrastructure.

    “Most companies today are very aware of the complex web of relationships that exist between their business processes and real-time infrastructures,” said Rich Ptak, Senior Analyst, Ptak/Noel Associates. “The challenge is that most customers have needed to rely on manual application discovery and mapping tools. The only successful way to manage business services is with smart tools that are able to dynamically and automatically monitor, learn, and report about the environments being managed. EMC is correctly positioning their application discovery technology as a key enabler of this broader management functionality.”

    Application Discovery Manager can identify the servers and applications vital to business operations—such as application or database servers supporting critical business processes—to gather detailed configuration information using a combination of methods (SNMP, SSH, Telnet, WMI and IP scanning). In addition, its customizable, alerting capabilities allow Application Discovery Manager to deliver notifications when configurations change—providing accurate, complete and real-time visibility into the IT environment.

    “IT professionals realize they need a solution that can automatically discover and map application behavior, and can change in real-time as the infrastructure changes,” said Chris Gahagan, Senior Vice President, Resource Management, EMC Software Group. “Only then can they fully automate incident management and triage, and gain the flexibility necessary to adapt to their changing technology environments. EMC Smarts Application Discovery Manager is that solution.”

    EMC Smarts Application Discovery Manager eases the deployment of an information lifecycle management (ILM) strategy—a powerful IT customer strategy based on the fact that not all information is created equal. This strategy enables enterprises to more effectively manage their growing volumes of information—from creation to disposal—according to the information’s changing value to the business. EMC information infrastructure solutions such as EMC Smarts are at the heart of this mission, helping organizations manage, use, protect and share their information assets more efficiently and cost effectively.

    EMC Smarts Application Discovery Manager is available now.

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