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    January 26, 2006

    New EMC IP Storage Software Delivers Unmatched Performance and Ease of Use

    Innovative File Sharing and Virtual Provisioning Software Provides Groundbreaking Capabilities Over Cost-Effective IP Networks

    LONDON - January 26, 2006 -

    EMC Corporation today unveiled innovative new network attached storage (NAS) software that dramatically improves the way customers are able to use IP (internet protocol) storage networks in support of an overall information lifecycle management (ILM) strategy. The unique EMC® Multi-Path File System for iSCSI (MPFSi) file sharing software dramatically improves application performance over IP networks. Additionally, new provisioning capabilities change the way IP storage capacity is allocated, and new IP replication software from EMC improves information protection.

    The announcement was made at a media and analyst event in London with EMC senior executives detailing several innovative new technologies and additions to the EMC product lineup that help customers bring more of their information together (see related releases) for improved economics and management.

    With the introduction of this innovative new file sharing software, EMC is taking IP storage performance to new levels while helping customers fully leverage their cost-effective IP storage infrastructures. The inherent intelligence of MPFSi utilizes standard NAS with the low-overhead iSCSI protocol to quickly and efficiently send large blocks of data over the IP network. MPFSi works in conjunction with EMC's leading storage platforms to significantly improve performance over traditional file system deployments, and at dramatically lower prices than typical SAN deployments.

    MPFSi can deliver substantial performance improvements for customers in data intensive application environments like software development, engineering design, rich media and in an emerging class of grid environments that push the limits of traditional NAS appliances. The client code of this unique software is available for open source use through SourceForge.Net as iRoad (http://sourceforge.net/projects/fmp-road) to enable users to customize the technology for their needs.

    "The EMC MPFSi is a significant technology that has the real potential to change the dynamics of NAS storage," said Tony Asaro, Senior Analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group. "Put simply, it combines the advantages of both NAS and SAN with intelligent file level awareness of the former and the high performance of the latter over a common infrastructure. This is excellent and useful innovation that could have enormous impact."

    EMC is also further helping customers using its EMC Celerra® NAS systems lower costs while improving storage utilization with new Celerra virtual provisioning software. Frequently, application owners will request more storage capacity from storage managers than they actually require. The Celerra virtual provisioning capabilities allow both file systems and iSCSI LUNs (logical unit numbers) to be logically sized to required capacities while physically provisioned with less capacity. This reduces over-allocated storage capacity and significantly reduces costs. Additionally, virtual provisioning provides Automatic Filesystem extension and dynamic iSCSI LUN extension. Storage administrators can increase the physical allocation "on the fly" as needed, while ensuring that internal service levels are met.

    As iSCSI emerges as an important component of an ILM strategy, the protection of data using iSCSI is a key requirement. The new EMC Celerra Replicator for iSCSI software provides enterprise-level scalability, offering customers the ability to create more replicas than ever before. The initial release is capable of scaling to more than 1,000 iSCSI LUNs. This improves protection and provides greater flexibility by enabling business continuity and non-disruptive remote backups for more of the enterprise. Because only changed data is transmitted, less network bandwidth is used, resulting in improved network efficiencies. This enhancement dramatically improves replication performance and reduces costs. In addition, Celerra Replicator supports long-distance iSCSI replication, providing even greater levels of protection and compliance.

    "EMC Celerra has allowed Extreme to consolidate 28 terabytes of filers onto a single, high capacity, high-performance EMC IP storage system," said Paul Hooper, CIO for Extreme Networks. "By swapping out a previous architecture of multiple storage filers, we have substantially lowered our costs and improved our environment. We view our investment in EMC Celerra as critical to our business and see tremendous value in the advanced capabilities it offers."

    David Donatelli, EMC Executive Vice President of Storage Platforms Operations, added, "We are taking a unique approach to IP storage and have developed innovative technology to help our customers solve some of their biggest NAS management headaches. IP storage is no longer just about filers. This new technology changes the face of IP storage and now enables IT administrators to use these cost-effective networks for storage applications that previously required dedicated Fibre Channel networks. When combined with our market-leading NAS systems, we're delivering solutions that help address major customer challenges in ways that the competition simply can't."

    Pricing and Availability

    EMC MPFSi is priced according to the number of servers in the environment. In a maximum configuration, MPFSi lists for $225 per server. EMC Celerra Replicator for iSCSI has a list price of $18,600 per frame. It and the other functionality announced today will be generally available in early March 2006.

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