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    August 10, 2005

    EMC Enables Cinergy Metronet to Deliver Enhanced Voice Data and Cable TV Services

    EMC Smarts Software Provides Insight Necessary to Ensure Reliable Next-Generation Telecommunications Infrastructure

    Hopkinton, - August 10, 2005 -

    EMC Corporation, the world leader in information storage and management, today announced that Cinergy MetroNet is using EMC Smarts software as the core analysis and impact assessment engine for its "fiber to the premises" telecommunications infrastructure. Cinergy MetroNet provides enhanced voice, data and cable television services to customers throughout Indiana.

    Cinergy MetroNet is using a range of Smarts solutions to view the status of its information technology resources at a glance and determine how their health affects service delivery. The solution automatically pinpoints service-affecting problems and calculates their service impact so Cinergy MetroNet can act quickly to maximize customer service delivery, while lowering operating costs and reducing business risk.

    "We are excited to be offering nearly a dozen rural communities throughout Indiana a competitive, quality alternative for their standard telephone, cable television and Internet services," said Mike Farmer, Vice President of Operations, Cinergy MetroNet. "But to ensure our commitment to quality, we require a solution that yields services insight to quickly identify problems throughout our IT infrastructure, enabling us to resolve issues before they impact customer service. After evaluating several alternatives, we chose EMC Smarts software for its ability to significantly increase our network performance and reliability, which directly impacts overall quality of service we offer our customers."

    Smarts software enables Cinergy's infrastructure to operate with enhanced efficiency by identifying problems across domains and ahead of any customer impact. With its patented Common Information Model and Codebook Correlation Technology, Smarts software not only automatically discovers the relationships between every device on the network, but also analyzes the relationships between them. The solution is then able to diagnose the root cause of Layer 2 and Layer 3 network problems and build a real-time picture of the service impact of these problems.

    "Cinergy MetroNet is taking a long-term approach by selecting EMC Smarts," said Chris Gahagan, Senior Vice President, EMC Software. "The company is already finding the adaptability and flexibility of the software suite can drastically reduce development time needed to get new services up and running. The end-to-end functionality of Smarts means that Cinergy MetroNet has made a future-proof investment to support its aggressive business growth plans."

    Cinergy MetroNet, Inc. provides enhanced broadband services to homes and businesses in rural communities by overbuilding with fiber-optic cable to the premises. Services include local and long-distance telephone, high-speed Internet and the latest in cable television technology. Although Cinergy Corp. has licensed the use of its name to Q-Comm, it has no management oversight, control or responsibility over Q-Comm or any of its subsidiaries including Cinergy MetroNet.

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