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    June 20, 2005

    New Software Enhancements Extend EMC Center Technology Reach

    Virtual Pooling and Advanced Remote Replication Features Make EMC Centera a More Flexible Archive for the Entire Enterprise

    Hopkinton, - June 20, 2005 -

    EMC Corporation, the world leader in information storage and management, today announced software enhancements that expand the capabilities and flexibility of its EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) systems so customers can better leverage Centera's unique strengths. New virtual pooling and remote replication software, available now, enable EMC Centera to better serve as a central archive: This central archive collects and stores the fixed content of multiple business applications for secure, long-term retention, fast retrieval and overall business continuity.

    The software enables senior executives or organizational archivists concerned with the archiving needs of the entire IT environment to leverage Centera as the repository for key corporate digital assets, such as e-mail, documents and images, gathered from across their enterprise as part of an information lifecycle management (ILM) strategy.

    Individual departments, applications and the entire organization can now better utilize Centera because of its new virtual pooling capabilities. Users can create storage pools in Centera whenever needed. With EMC Centera Seek software, individuals with proper authority can easily search and retrieve the secure digital content in each of the virtual pools or in the entire Centera. EMC Centera Chargeback Reporter software allows internal utilization-based billing and reporting for each pool.

    Tony Asaro, a Senior Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), said, "CAS has emerged as a new category of storage, which has reinvented the way customers implement digital archiving. EMC Centera is the leading digital archiving storage solution on the market today, and these recent enhancements provide additional value to customers as EMC continues to lead the innovation curve in CAS."

    The new replication features, in conjunction with virtual pools, enable remote replication of only the pools that the customer wants replicated. This allows efficient, application-by-application business continuity planning. In addition, new flexibility embodied Centera's replication software now includes support for chain and star-like configurations. Organizations can now implement a more complete disaster recovery program by remotely replicating fixed content to a chain of three Centera systems in different locations. A new star-like configuration option allows replication from up to three remote or edge Centera systems back to a single Centera.

    Tom Heiser, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EMC's Centera Division, said, "One of the driving reasons customers are adopting EMC Centera is because of its ability to effectively store and secure digital assets and to allow quick access to those assets when needed. Customers have asked us for additional functionality to make EMC Centera their sole archiving platform. With this announcement, we have taken a huge step forward in addressing their needs for a unified archive, while allowing for the autonomy of separate applications. We continue to make archiving simpler by offering both an application-specific archive and a unified archive for large and small environments."

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