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    June 20, 2005

    EMC Expands Consulting Services

    IT Industry Leader Meets Increased Customer Demand for ILM Services by Expanding Service Offerings, Global Presence Under Unified EMC Consulting Brand

    Hopkinton, - June 20, 2005 -

    EMC Corporation, the world leader in information storage and management, today announced an extension of its consulting service offerings and capabilities in its established, growing professional services portfolio to meet increasing worldwide customer demand for information lifecycle management (ILM). The full range of EMC's consulting capabilities are now being brought together and delivered under the new brand of EMC Consulting. EMC and its valued partners will offer these services globally, including via newly expanded practices in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region, and Latin America.

    EMC Consulting services leverage the experience of thousands of EMC's technology and service professionals, as well as experience generated through its extensive partner relationships. Since its inception in 2002, EMC's consulting business has completed more than 600 customer engagements. In response to increasing customer demand for help in addressing emerging business and technology challenges arising from the exponential growth of information, increased regulatory guidelines and the need to cost-effectively manage and protect information assets, EMC Consulting has enhanced its services portfolio with new consulting offerings and capabilities. The EMC service offerings now go further to help customers realize the benefits of an ILM strategy: They embody EMC's unique expertise, focus and best practices that enable effective data movement, storage asset utilization and risk mitigation. EMC has developed enhanced offerings and capabilities in:

    • EMC Classification and Policy Services, fundamental to ILM and compliance requirements, these services now include policy-based information management capabilities that are essential for automation. The services now help customers move data efficiently to various tiers of storage as service requirements for specific information change over the information's lifecycle.
    • EMC Architecture and Consolidation Services now include EMC's best-practice planning methodology to help customers align their architectures with business requirements. With extensive expertise in classifying information, aligning applications and migrating data, EMC helps customers consolidate server and storage environments and accomplish data center relocations with less complexity, risk and cost.
    • EMC Storage Management Optimization Services now include the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework with EMC's library of storage management best practices. This enhancement helps customers analyze the state of their storage management operations; identify improvements to be made; and integrate people, policies and processes to optimize the information infrastructure.
    • EMC Information Protection Services now provide comprehensive strategies, processes and plans to meet business continuity objectives including disaster recovery. In addition, EMC has added backup, recovery and archive strategy assessments to help customers mitigate risk to their business.

    The extension of consulting practices in APJ and Latin America furthers EMC's commitment to provide local support to customers around the world as they implement ILM strategies and address emerging business and technology requirements in areas such as compliance.

    Peter Gerr, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, said, "Before businesses can manage corporate information assets based on compliance and governance, business continuity and security needs, they must ensure they have assessed how different data types and classes move through their lifecycles. From data creation and usage to eventual deletion, ILM must be business-centric and account for all critical information assets that are in play. Having the right processes and best practices in place to build and manage an information storage infrastructure based on business service-level requirements is not just a means to an end, but a fundamental step toward implementing and supporting comprehensive information lifecycle management."

    The Financial Times Transforms Its IT Organization with EMC Consulting

    The Financial Times (FT) is one of the world's leading financial news organizations, and has chosen EMC to fulfill its requirements for storage data management. With the help of EMC Consulting, the FT was able to untap the full potential of its IT infrastructure and storage investments. EMC Consulting allowed the FT to better control its IT infrastructure costs and create a solution-focused IT organization. That enhancement, in turn, helped the FT better align business goals to IT projects for rapid application development and thereby gain a quicker return on investment.

    Chris Hunter, Head of Services Delivery, Financial Times, said, "The Financial Times looks to work with sophisticated partners who help us adapt to the evolving needs of our business. Working with EMC Consulting, we found many areas within our storage infrastructure that could be refined to deliver significant business benefits and cost savings. We asked EMC Consulting to help us develop our information management infrastructure and strategy and manage the environment. EMC Consulting has provided us with the expertise to manage the infrastructure moving forward and helped remove a lot of complexity from the Financial Times' IT infrastructure."

    Derrell James, EMC Senior Vice President of EMC Technology Solutions, said, "This continued expansion of our consulting services and unique capabilities reinforces our commitment to help customers derive the most value from their information and storage investments and positions us for accelerated growth in the ILM services market. We have built and expanded a highly specialized and focused consulting team whose on-the-ground presence will ensure that organizations worldwide have the right technology and processes in place to achieve new levels of business agility, optimize technology and improve the value of their information."

    EMC provides a full range of information consulting services and works with industry-leading partners to help customers plan, design and implement actionable strategies to transform their information infrastructure into a strategic business asset. EMC can scale and tailor these modular services to address individual projects or comprehensive customer challenges and help to extend the breadth and depth of IT capability with a focus on knowledge transfer to the customer. EMC Consulting aligns the resources of several existing EMC lines of business including Information Solutions Consulting, Global Solutions and products and technologies. As part of the EMC Technology Solutions group, with more than 4,000 professionals globally, EMC Consulting brings a unique mix of information management and storage experience combined with strategic business focus to deliver expert services.

    More information about EMC Consulting services can be found at www.emc.com/services.

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