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    March 21, 2005

    EMC Delivers New EMC Documentum Product Innovations

    Enables Customers to Manage Information Intelligently, Optimize Work Processes and Mitigate Risks Across All Content Applications

    Hopkinton, - March 21, 2005 -

    EMC Corporation, the world leader in information storage and management, today announced significant additions to the EMC Documentum enterprise content management (ECM) product family. Delivering the company's new, unified EMC Documentum architecture (see separate release) along with new capabilities and products, the latest suite of products enables global organizations to make better use of information, optimize work processes and mitigate risks through enhancements in content, process and repository services.

    "This new platform represents the most significant advancement in enterprise content management in the past several years," said Dave DeWalt, Executive Vice President, EMC Software. "EMC Documentum is widely known for a long history of enterprise content management firsts. Documentum was the first to offer document, web content and rich media content management in one platform. Documentum was the first to achieve mainframe-scale performance with a billion-object repository benchmark. Documentum was the first to introduce XML into a content management system. Today, we're announcing the next-generation content management solution that builds off this heritage of innovation to deliver customers the next wave of scalability, accessibility and modularity."

    "Pressures continue to mount for our customers to effectively and efficiently power and automate content-based business processes while complying with regulatory requirements. With this as a backdrop, our customers are looking for easier-to-use solutions that they can rapidly deploy and use across their entire organization," said Howard Shao, Senior Vice President, EMC Software. "EMC has responded by offering a comprehensive, unified ECM platform and suite of products that enable organizations to benefit from the full value that enterprise content management brings."

    New Innovation for Content Services

    • Federated Search is a new federated search capability that is fully unified with Documentum's core architecture. Users now have a single point of access from which to conduct all content searches across Documentum and other heterogeneous repositories residing either within or outside the enterprise. This includes integration with other systems that provide various levels of content sources such as those offered by FileNet, Open Text and SAP.
    • EMC Documentum Client for Outlook is a new client interface for Microsoft Outlook that offers the same functionality as the Documentum standard web-based interface, enabling users to access the full range of Documentum functionality directly within Outlook. Users can also save e-mail and attachments intelligently in the Documentum repository, all with the look and feel of Outlook folders. The new client is fully unified with the core Documentum architecture and delivers best-in-class ECM functionality to users of Outlook, one of the world's most commonly used IT business applications. It is easily deployed and accessible across all desktops, enabling users across all disciplines in an organization to take advantage of the power of Documentum ECM with no change to their day-to-day operating environment.
    • EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services is a new offering that provides users a single and easily managed tool from which to perform all content transformations. Using a wizard-based approach, customers can more easily transform common desktop documents and rich media formats such as images, audio and video into any compatible content type. All Documentum Content Transformation Services products are fully unified with the core Documentum architecture and are available for transforming basic document formats such as those created by MS Office, Adobe PDF and WordPerfect applications; numerous image formats; audio and video content; and medical images based on the DICOM format.

    New Innovation for Process Services

    • EMC Documentum Collaboration Services is a new product that is fully unified and offers native discussions, notes, contextual folders and workspaces or "rooms" that are fully unified with the core Documentum architecture. With these new capabilities, teams can work together securely in a collaborative environment that takes full advantage of the Documentum product set for classification, transformation, policy management and more. This adds a new dimension of team innovation and effectiveness in all Documentum clients and applications such as EMC Documentum Webtop, EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager and EMC Documentum Web Publisher.
    • EMC Documentum Business Process Management (BPM) product suite is fully unified with the core Documentum architecture. It now delivers more powerful and easy-to-use tools for designing and configuring processes and code-free process integrations, and it provides a robust engine for highly structured business processes. The suite consists of:
    • EMC Documentum Business Process Manageran enhanced graphical modeling environment that provides business users with an easy and flexible interface for designing and configuring business processes.
    • EMC Documentum Business Process Enginea new product for process state management and configurable work queue management capabilities such as automated task assignment, task aging, prioritization, escalation and load balancing. These features are particularly important for the management of high-volume task processing applications such as customer service, forms processing and accounts payable systems.
    • EMC Documentum Business Process Servicesenhanced features of the Documentum platform's service-oriented architecture (SOA) that enable integration between Documentum products and external systems including enterprise applications, enterprise application integration (EAI) frameworks and message brokers, external applications and services and individual external users.
    • EMC Documentum Process Connectorsa new set of products that enable integration of Documentum BPM products with best-of-breed third-party applications such as rules engines, simulation environments, and auditing, analytics and reporting tools.

    The seamless integration between Business Process Management Services and Collaboration Services places Documentum users in a unique position to automate work processes from structured and transactional to ad hoc and collaborative.

    New Innovation for Repository Services

    • EMC Documentum Retention Policy Services (RPS) is a new product that's fully unified with the core Documentum architecture and enables organizations to comply with legal and regulatory requirements for document retention with behind-the-scenes, policy creation and enforcement capabilities. Complimentary to EMC Documentum Record Manager, RPS functions at the repository level and across all content types to apply and enforce document retention and disposition policies automatically without burdening end-users or employing dedicated records-management staff. Using RPS, organizations can create simple or sophisticated retention policies that incorporate events, multiple phases, authorities, and disposition pre-conditions. The policies are automatically applied to all content stored in the Documentum repository.
    • EMC Documentum Trusted Content Services have been enhanced and add increased security to the unified Documentum architecture, delivering a common security model and unified audit trail across all applications using the Documentum platform. New security enhancements enable organizations to prevent unauthorized access to the proprietary information and include native Mandatory Access Control (MAC) support, enforcing access control policies based on logical combinations of multiple rules. Also new to the platform is digital shredding, a secure way to dispose of information and ensure it cannot be retrieved from the storage media. The Documentum platform meets the requirements for Common Criteria certification established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Security Agency (NSA) and is currently in the final stages of formal certification.

    What Customers Are Saying

    York International, the largest independent supplier of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems and solutions in the United States, is standardizing on the Documentum ECM platform for its global enterprise, managing all types of content, including engineering drawings, purchase orders, invoices, marketing collateral, brochures and legal documents. Tim Fives, Manager of Content Services for York, said, "The process services products will greatly enhance and extend our business processes. This new set of tools is going to greatly increase our ability of interoperability between Documentum and other core applications, such as SAP and Seibel, within our organization. The new Process Engine and Process Connectors round out a really strong solution for global companies, like ours, looking to adopt repeatable, consistent business processes."

    Alteon, a subsidiary of The Boeing Company, is a global aviation training company that specializes in flight and maintenance training for commercial aircraft with 100 seats or more. David Beyers, Business System Manager at Alteon, said, "The new EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services will greatly benefit companies like ours that need to quickly and accurately convert content into multiple formats. This will save us time and money, and our productivity in creating training manuals and materials will leap. The new Documentum platform also provides a slick-looking, easy-to-use interface that will gain acceptance from power users and casual users alike."


    The Documentum ECM platform and suite of products will be generally available March 31, 2005. At that time, the platform and products will also be available in seven languages on all supported operating systems, databases, directories, application servers and storage systems.

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