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    March 01, 2005

    EMC Announces Unique Seek and Chargeback Reporter Software for EMC Centera

    New Centera Seek and Centera Chargeback Reporter Add Powerful Search, Retrieval and Reporting Capabilities to the Industry's Leading Enterprise Archive Solution

    Hopkinton, - March 01, 2005 -

    EMC Corporation today announced unique software that allows customers to more effectively search, retrieve and utilize active enterprise archives created with EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS). The new EMC Centera Seek and EMC Centera Chargeback Reporter software enable the advanced search and retrieval of fixed content across multiple terabytes, making utilization-based reporting and billing possible.

    EMC Centera Seek provides a new, advanced search capability using metadata (data about stored data) for faster, more precise searching and retrieval of information stored on Centera. The result is higher-performance custom searches allowing customers to quickly search and retrieve the exact content they seek across the entire archive, even as those archives continue to expand and more users access the data.

    EMC Centera Chargeback Reporter is a new reporting tool that provides detailed archive data reports for corporate chargeback systems. Centera Chargeback Reporter also leverages stored metadata to provide sophisticated and customizable capacity utilization reporting, enabling more effective management of complex, large-scale enterprise archive deployments. Centera Chargeback Reporter makes generating chargeback reports for corporate billing systems faster and easier. This capability is particularly valuable to service providers and others looking to allocate the cost and use of the information infrastructure to the departments and applications that use it.

    Tom Heiser, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EMC's Centera Division, said, "EMC remains committed to lowering customer costs by helping those customers get more value from their growing digital assets. With EMC Centera Seek and EMC Centera Chargeback Reporter, EMC delivers on this commitment, and it gives them even more compelling reasons to make EMC Centera their central enterprise archive for more of their business applications."

    Centera Seek's advanced searching capabilities can be leveraged by more than 170 applications from independent software vendor (ISV) applications that have been integrated with the Centera application programming interface (API). Centera Seek improves any type of discovery request through a more accurate and efficient search method. This new software is based on technology from Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) and its FAST InStream enterprise search solution through an OEM agreement with EMC.

    T-Systems is one of Europe's leading providers of information and communications technology. A company in the Deutsche Telekom group, T-Systems covers business customers including 60 multinational groups, large public authorities and 160,000 large and medium-sized companies.

    Thomas Koch, Project Director, T-Systems, said, "The new EMC Centera Seek advanced searching feature makes querying our EMC Centera even faster and easier than before. Centera Chargeback Reporter gives us granularity and precision in billing customers only for the portion of the EMC Centera infrastructure that they use, and custom reports validate our billing. We see great benefits in leveraging metadata to provide better service to our customers."

    William Hurley, Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, said, "This new software addresses some key customer requirements – the ability to thoroughly and rapidly search archives and the ability to determine who is utilizing the archive for cross-charging. These unique new capabilities continue to advance EMC Centera and keep it well positioned in the marketplace."

    Rebranded Centera Governance Edition Targets Larger Market for Policy-Based Information Management

    EMC today also announced a rebranding of its EMC Centera Compliance Edition, EMC's premier CAS solution for regulated organizations, to EMC Centera Governance Edition. The new name reflects a trend by businesses and organizations to impose their own internal standards and automated procedures to retain and dispose of electronic documents and fixed content. EMC Centera will continue to market its Compliance Edition Plus solution targeting the most stringently regulated environments.

    Robert F. Williams, President, Cohasset Associates, Inc., said, "Gaining control over vital digital assets has never been more important and has become the de facto standard for good business practices, complying with regulatory probes and satisfying legal investigations. Leading organizations have recognized that prompt access to authentic electronic records is an absolute necessity for business, legal and regulatory purposes. Compliance has taken on a larger meaning: Corporate governance policies and processes must be implemented consistently, monitored organization-wide and be technology enabled. EMC's positioning of Centera Governance Edition aligns well with these trends."

    About EMC Centera

    EMC Centera is the world's first CAS solution and leading online archival storage medium. EMC Centera has well over 1,200 customers, and more than 30 petabytes (30,000 terabytes) of capacity has been shipped since Centera's introduction in April 2002. Centera's success is driven in part by the availability of a free and open API, which is supported by more than 400 partners, resellers and many of the world's leading ISVs. In addition, Centera Universal Access enables non-integrated applications to use Centera. This wide range of support has made Centera the fastest-growing platform in EMC's history and the undisputed leader for active enterprise archiving.

    About EMC

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