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    November 15, 2004

    EMC Centera Momentum Continues with More Than 1,000 Customers and 30 Petabytes Shipped

    Market-Leading EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage Gains Wide Customer Acceptance Worldwide

    Hopkinton, - November 15, 2004 -

    EMC Corporation, the world leader in information storage and management, today announced that more than 1,000 customers have purchased its pioneering EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) platform, and it has shipped more than 30 petabytes (30,000 terabytes) of capacity since Centera's introduction in April 2002.

    Electric Insurance Company of Beverly, Massachusetts, BT (formerly British Telecom) and Westpac Bank in New Zealand are among the most recent customers to purchase Centera for applications including claims management, on-demand ILM services and check image archiving.

    Bill Croteau, Manager of Technology Infrastructure, Electric Insurance Company, a full -service insurance provider, said, "EMC Centera is very easy to manage compared with the optical technology it replaced. We use EMC Centera for our claims management application, and we can now satisfy requests for records in seconds rather than minutes. The performance EMC Centera delivers far exceeds our expectations."

    Maurice Nettesheim, BT's Product Marketing Manager, Managed Storage Services, said, "As the active enterprise archiving component, EMC Centera is an important element in the storage infrastructure for our on-demand ILM (information lifecycle management) services. With EMC Centera, we are able to deliver an attractive, robust, highly scalable and secure solution to address the archive challenges our customers face." BT is one of the world's leading providers of network-centric information and communications technology solutions in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

    "Our commitments to customer service and security were the top priorities when we identified and evaluated options on the market to address our Check Voucher and Signature Authority Archiving needs," said Steve Parkin, Core Systems Architect, Westpac Bank, based in Wellington, New Zealand . "EMC Centera was selected because it offered the most advanced technology and greatest choice of applications. With EMC's excellent service and support, our decision to standardize and deploy our active enterprise archive on EMC Centera was an easy one, and one that will help us better serve our customers." Westpac Bank serves 1.3 million retail customers and more than 100,000 small and medium business customers.

    Randy Kerns, Senior Partner, Evaluator Group, added, "EMC Centera paved the way for a new generation of disk-based archiving solutions by combining its unique software with ATA disk technology. The rapid adoption of this platform by customers in a short period of time is further proof that the industry has changed the way it looks at archiving. Rather than being difficult to access, archived information can be stored in an enterprise archive so that information remains secure, accessible and useful throughout its lifecycle."

    In the third quarter of 2004, EMC reported that Centera grew by more than 50% over the third quarter of last year. This rapid adoption of Centera by customers in a wide range of industries has been driven by the availability of a free and open application programming interface (API). This API is supported by more than 400 partners and resellers, and by more than 150 integrated applications that utilize Centera as the content repository of choice. In addition, Centera Universal Access enables non-integrated applications to use Centera. This wide range of support has made Centera the fastest-growing platform in EMC's history and the undisputed leader for active enterprise archiving.

    Tom Heiser, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EMC's Centera Division, commented, "EMC Centera's rapid adoption underscores its role as a critical component of customers' information lifecycle management initiatives. Our surveys show that 94% of EMC Centera deployments are for archiving new content and migrating content from existing archiving technologies such as tape or optical. Customers are increasingly making EMC Centera the central enterprise archive for both new and legacy archives."

    About EMC Centera

    The world's first CAS solution, EMC Centera is the world's leading online archival storage medium. Resolving the challenges that had traditionally prevented organizations from bringing their fixed content online, Centera's revolutionary content addressing technology drastically reduces management overhead, enabling one full-time employee to manage up to 350 terabytes of fixed content. Centera's unique self-healing and authentication features have prompted its industry-wide recognition as the first disk-based WORM (write once, read many) storage medium. Centera is a compelling solution for organizations seeking to enforce internal governance policies as well as regulated storage environments required by organizations such as the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Centera is integrated with applications from some of the world's leading companies, including EMC Documentum and EMC Legato, KVS, IXOS, Connected, FileNet, Mobius Management Systems, iLumin, Intercom, and IBM . Centera resellers include AGFA, GE Medical, McKesson, Siemens, Fuji and Unisys.

    About EMC

    EMC Corporation is the world leader in information storage systems, software, networks and services, providing automated networked storage solutions to help organizations extract the maximum value from their information, at the lowest total cost, across every point in the information lifecycle. Information about EMC's products and services can be found at www.EMC.com.

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