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    October 04, 2004

    EMC Drives Application Aware Information Lifecycle Management

    New Features of EMC Legato EmailXtender. Recent EMC Software and Solution Announcements Help Customers Strengthen Management of Application Data Throughout Its Lifecycle

    Hopkinton, - October 04, 2004 -

    EMC Corporation, the world leader in info rmation storage and management, today highlighted its lead in helping customers take greater control of their information. Customers using EMC software can set policies and move structured or unstructured data to various storage tiers as its value and service-level requirements change. With today's announcement of new EMC Legato EmailXtender software enhancements - and the recent announcements of new EMC DatabaseXtender capabilities and the new EMC Express Solution for E-Mail - EMC continues to lengthen its lead in helping customers reduce costs and execute an information lifecycle management (ILM) strategy for their most important applications.

    Legato EmailXtender is centralized data storage and retrieval software that, based on user-defined policies, automatically moves data off the e-mail message server and into an e-mail archival system, capturing and indexing all incoming and outgoing messages. The enhancements announced today include additional Microsoft Exchange 2003 management support, improved search functionality, faster access to archived e-mail messages and expanded platform support.

    EMC recently added new PeopleSoft application support as well as custom application support on Oracle and Sybase databases to its DatabaseXtender software. DatabaseXtender enables organizations to gain more control over their information resources by automatically identifying and relocating inactive data contained in databases to secondary storage. These latest enhancements help customers improve application and database performance, reduce operational complexity and better utilize their existing heterogeneous infrastructures for key applications. (See EMC's September 20, 2004 announcement)

    EMC also recently announced EMC Express Solution for E-Mail - a powerful solution to help midsized IT organizations drive down the cost and increase the productivity of their Microsoft Exchange Server e-mail environments. Leveraging packaged EMC hardware, software and services, the EMC Express Solution for E-Mail helps organizations with hundreds to several thousands of e-mail users consolidate and manage years of messages on a single networked storage system. By cost-effectively expanding mailbox limits, end-user productivity improves while Microsoft Exchange Server storage total cost of ownership is reduced by up to 30%. (See EMC's September 21, 2004 announcement)

    Law Firm Leverages EMC Legato EmailXtender for Litigation Support

    John Emel, Chief Information Officer, Gardner Carton & Douglas LLP, a leading law firm with 250 attorneys, said, "E-mail has become a critical business application for our attorneys. The firm has a passionate focus to provide excellent customer service and leverages technology extensively to meet this end. To archive e-mail, we needed a solution that was easy to use and flexible enough to meet our attorneys' needs. EMC Legato EmailXtender - with ICG's support - provided the software and services that enable us to continue providing attorney and client communications via e-mail without worrying if it can be accessible whenever we need it. The new enhancements to Legato EmailXtender - like increased accessibility through OWA and improved searching capabilities - will further enable us to manage and leverage this application. We look forward to working with EMC and ICG as new 'application-aware' information lifecycle management solutions are developed and offered to the firm."

    Gardner Carton & Douglas worked with Phoenix, Arizona-headquartered ICG, an EMC channel partner specializing in compliance and corporate governance, to deliver the solution. Ian Singer, President and CEO of EMC channel-partner ICG, said, "As a leading provider of enterprise data integration and compliance solutions to global 1000 clients , we are excited to work jointly with EMC in delivering software and solutions that help customers manage information throughout its lifecycle. As it's our goal to provide our customers a combination of leading-edge technologies and internal engineering expertise to minimize client risk and maximize productivity, w e are eager to begin offering the latest version of EMC Legato EmailXtender."

    EMC Legato EmailXtender Strengthens Search and Exchange Capabilities

    Organizations of all sizes are required to search, locate and access historical e-mail for reasons ranging from internal requests for historical business information to compliance audits and legal discovery. Advanced Legato EmailXtender discovery and search performance enhancements can simplify legal discovery tasks and enable single-query execution across multiple servers while ensuring optimal performance.

    Available for both IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange 2003 customers today, Legato EmailXtender continues to make it easier for organizations to manage the various tasks within a Microsoft Exchange 2003 environment. One challenge organizations continue to face is the management of personal archives such as Exchange PST files, which are difficult to administer and introduce risk to the organization. Based on customer-defined policies, Legato EmailXtender automates the migration of PST files, automatically locating, archiving and applying the appropriate retention and disposition policies, while preserving the view of the PST folder structure to the end user. As a result, all e-mail messages are retained according to corporate policies while the end user remains as productive as possible.

    Mark Lewis , Executive Vice President, EMC Software, said, "Resource-intensive applications like e-mail and databases can create serious challenges to an organization, including higher storage and operational costs, difficulty in data access and management and poor application performance. If organizations could define corporate policies for those applications and extract seldom-used or inactive information, they could reduce IT complexities and costs related to storing and accessing this information, boosting operational efficiencies and productivity. EMC provides the vital, application-aware software and solutions that enable organizations to truly harness applications and data within an information lifecycle management strategy."

    Other new features for EMC Legato EmailXtender include:

    • Expanded Platform Support - Legato EmailXtender strengthens its platform management of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino by now supporting up to version 6.5.3. EMC continues to expand on the industry's widest support of messaging platforms - including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, UNIX Sendmail, Bloomberg Mail, and Instant Messaging. Also, the product now runs on the IBM AIX 5.2, OS/400 V5R3, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 operating system platforms.
    • Increased Accessibility - Users can now leverage Legato EmailXtender outside of the user's home location and access archived e-mail via Outlook Web Access (OWA) for Microsoft Exchange 2003.
    • Installation and Setup - Organizations now have a simplified process to install and upgrade Legato EmailXtender, and
    • System Health Monitoring - Health monitoring functionality has been added for users to easily observe the health of their e-mail environments.


    The latest version of Legato EmailXtender will be available in December 2004. DatabaseXtender and EMC Express Solution for E-Mail are immediately available.

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