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    February 09, 2004

    Ohio Savings Bank Embraces Information Lifecycle Management

    Starts on the Path to ILM with EMC Tiered Network Storage Environment and Lowers Costs, Meets Regulatory Compliance in Process

    Hopkinton, - February 09, 2004 -

    EMC Corporation today announced that Ohio Savings Bank, a nationally recognized leader in retail banking, wholesale mortgage lending and construction lending with $13 billion in assets, is implementing an advanced information lifecycle management (ILM) strategy based on multiple tiers of EMC networked storage - including high-end, mid-tier and archive storage tiers. Ohio Savings Bank's ILM strategy is supported by EMC's multi-platform storage resource management software, business continuance software and consulting services, as well as email archiving software from LEGATO. The ILM strategy is already helping Ohio Savings Bank satisfy growing regulatory requirements, lower operational costs and better protect growing information assets.

    Jo Ann Boylan, Ohio Savings Bank's Chief Technology Officer, said, "Growth of information being created and changes in regulatory requirements, along with pressure to contain storage costs have made ILM absolutely necessary. Businesses are creating a lot more information, and the information types are dramatically changing. In the past our default had been to put just critical data on expensive disk storage and then back it up to tape. The definition of 'critical' has expanded, and we can no longer afford to do that for all of our information types.

    "With ILM, we're able to make critical and frequently accessed records highly available and then move them to less-expensive storage as they age. We can match the right type of data to the right price point of storage and manage the evolution of that data's life span. ILM will help us manage our many record types as specified by regulations. ILM makes us more competitive because it reduces our costs and lets us focus our people and IT investments on growing revenue."

    Ohio Savings Bank has defined the following storage tiers:

    • High-End—Symmetrix DMX networked storage supports the bank's critical, revenue and service generating applications. Using EMC SRDF® (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) and TimeFinder" software, the bank replicates information at its primary data center to another Symmetrix DMX residing at a remote data center.
    • Mid-Tier—A CLARiiON CX600 Fibre Channel SAN provides consolidated storage to the bank's Exchange email and web servers, Microsoft.NET environment, and Sequel databases. EMC's MirrorView— software provides data replication between CLARiiON CX600s at the primary and remote data centers. Ohio Savings Bank also utilizes a Celerra NAS gateway connected to a CLARiiON CX600 systems with both Fibre Channel and ATA disk drives for centralized file serving and cost-effective storage of imaged documents. EMC SAN Copy—, MirrorView, and Celerra Replicator" software provide replication of data stored on the Celerra/CLARiiON CX600 to a Celerra NS600 at the remote site.
    • Archive—Ohio Savings Bank will use EMC Centera Compliance Edition content-addressed storage (CAS) and LEGATO EmailXtender® software to store required email for three to seven years in the WORM-compliant protected format, as required by the SEC. The bank also will use LEGATO EmailXaminer software for sophisticated email monitoring and searching, as well LEGATO DiskXtender® software for automated policy-based management.

    Ohio Savings Bank is implementing EMC ControlCenter— multi-platform storage resource management software to manage its entire 45TB storage infrastructure. With ControlCenter, the bank will automate labor-intensive storage management tasks such as reporting on storage utilization levels and trends across Symmetrix and CLARiiON, as well as internal storage residing on servers running HP-UX and Microsoft Windows NT.

    "With individual storage devices and server-based storage, it's a very tedious and manual process to collect data on storage utilization across our enterprise," said Matt Speare, Ohio Savings Bank's Director of IT Infrastructure and Security. "With ControlCenter, storage management becomes more automated, and a higher quality of data is created, that is unprecedented in our environment. ControlCenter supports our ILM strategy because we will be more accurate and timely in making the decisions about moving our data to lower- or higher-cost, storage environments."

    EMC's Information Consulting Services (ISC) group is working with Ohio Savings Bank to identify and document best practices for storage management and capacity planning in a multi-tiered environment. EMC Technology Solutions is assisting the bank with design and implementation of its new infrastructure.

    Howard Elias, EMC Executive Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Office of Technology, said, "We are pleased we could help Ohio Savings Bank implement a long-term strategy for proactively managing its information, while helping it realize compelling cost savings along the way. The same kind of rationale is playing out in IT organizations all over the world, and EMC offers all the pieces and partnerships necessary to employ a comprehensive ILM strategy."

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