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    February 09, 2004

    EMC Delivers Native Mainframe Access for Centera

    Boosts Performance, Increases Functionality to Address Growing Fixed Content Requirements

    Hopkinton, - February 09, 2004 -

    EMC Corporation today announced major enhancements to the EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) system. With the new Centera" application programming interface (API) support for IBM's z/OS mainframe environments, EMC extends Centera's unique capabilities by further unlocking the tremendous value of petabytes of mainframe-based fixed content. In addition, new Centera platform and software enhancements announced today enable customers to benefit from up to five times the performance and double the data replication speeds over previous models.

    EMC Centera and the Centera Compliance Edition models are the world's first storage solutions designed from the ground up to solve the challenges of managing and storing mainframe and open systems-based fixed content.

    Tom Heiser, Vice President and General Manager of EMC's Centera Division, said, "With today's announcement, EMC brings online access to information previously only available via more expensive mainframe- and tape-based storage. Centera provides cost-effective storage, compliance, and indexing capability for fixed content as well as tremendous flexibility. Now, Centera helps customers unlock the value, simplify access and retrieval, and lower TCO for mainframe-based information."

    EMC Centera now offers two ways of interfacing to the mainframe: the Centera z/OS API for integrated applications, and gateway solutions from Centera partners such as BusTech for applications not currently integrated with the Centera API.

    To further extend Centera's value in both mainframe and open systems environments, EMC is dramatically improving performance, connectivity, and capacity. By boosting performance up to fivefold via continued hardware and software enhancements, customers benefit from storing more fixed content, such as e-mail or check-images, over the same time period. Higher-capacity 320GB ATA disk drives also allow customers to drive higher storage capacities. Finally, integrated Centera applications can retrieve fixed content faster than ever with gigabit Ethernet (GigE) network connectivity.

    In addition to enabling performance and native mainframe integrations, an improved and optimized version of the CentraStar" operating environment includes doubling of remote replication speeds, thus enhancing customer's business continuity capabilities.

    ING BHF-BANK, part of the Dutch ING Group, a Top 10 European financial service provider, is a leading German commercial bank for midsize businesses, private clients and institutional customers. The bank uses Centera to more quickly access its mainframe fixed content. Thomas Weil, head of the Systems Engineering and Central IT Systems Department, said, "The stress on our systems and employees before we moved to Centera was a real concern to us. Since deploying Centera, our customer satisfaction has improved dramatically. Now inquiries from clients regarding account transactions, contracts, and correspondences can be answered immediately, and response times of several minutes are a thing of the past."

    Carl Greiner, Senior Vice President, META Group, said, "Customers are consistently looking to leverage infrastructure and management components across architectural domains and provide adaptable solutions depending on users' requirements. For example, storage technologies that cost-effectively meet evolving compliance and regulatory requirements across platform domains including the mainframe have inherent appeal."

    Partners have been instrumental to Centera's success, now represented by more than 500 customers. The open Centera API has resulted in more than 300 partners enrolling in the Centera partner program. In the mainframe arena, key partners integrating their solutions to the new mainframe API include BMC Software, Beta Systems, Mobius, Princeton Softech, RSD, SI, and Systemware. Other key Centera partners comprise some of the world's leading application providers and resellers including AGFA, Connected, Documentum, FileNet, IXOS, Fujitsu Siemens, GE Medical, KVS, LEGATO Software, Unisys and many others.

    David Winkler, Vice President, Product Marketing at Mobius Management Systems, Inc., said, "Mobius's ViewDirect TCM suite for total content management integrates with Centera in both mainframe and open systems environments. Centera offers online accessibility to huge volumes of fixed content, which our customers make available to their customers as well as to employees, suppliers and partners. ViewDirect TCM and Centera enable our customers to achieve significant dollar savings in areas such as microfiche and paper replacement, imaging and workflow, e-statement presentment and check image archiving."

    Lisa Cash, CEO and President of Princeton Softech, said, "Princeton Softech's Active Archive Solutions, integrated with EMC Centera, offers companies a cost-effective way to control accelerating database growth and manage the increasing amounts of critical data that support ERP, CRM and other vertical market applications. EMC's addition of native mainframe connectivity to Centera will enable our mutual customers operating in mainframe environments to leverage the value of CAS."

    Michael Vander Linden, Co-founder and Vice President, Development, Systemware, said, "The Systemware/EMC Centera joint value proposition is to provide customers with tools to web-enable any content type automatically, automatically set and enforce data retention policies, instantly access archived mission-critical data, support extreme volumes of data in 24x7 environments and repurpose existing content for new business value. With EMC Centera now offering native mainframe connectivity, our solution offers even more value to our joint customers."

    Amos Marom, Vice President of Research and Development for CONTROL-M&D at BMC Software, Inc., said, "BMC Software's CONTROL-D saves companies money and facilitates better communications with customers, partners and suppliers by providing complete control over the processing, distribution, archiving and viewing of all reports and documents. Our customers manage extreme volumes of reports, images, invoices and other documents. Centera provides an ideal storage solution for managing and archiving CONTROL-D processed enterprise reports. Being integrated with EMC Centera allows for fast, reliable access to this fixed content."

    Richard Racs, President of SI Software, said, "LDMS allows thousands of users to access archived data simultaneously. The new Centera Host-API perfectly supports our mission to allow for huge amounts of data with both long-term retention and fast access times. Integration to EMC Centera provides our customers with a value proposition that leverages the benefits of content addressed storage (CAS) and ease of access to petabytes of data."

    Alain Després, RSD's Managing Director, observes that, "Large companies increasingly complement the power of mainframes with the flexibility of distributed systems to process mounting volumes of data. Our content management solutions support this trend by ensuring a continuity of functionality across platforms. Having supplied a seamless Centera storage interface for our products running under Unix and Windows servers, we welcome the addition of EMC's new native z/OS mainframe API. It will allow our clients with a heterogeneous IT environment to benefit from Centera's unique and robust storage solution."

    Dr. Olaf Riebe, Vice President, BU Document Management, Beta Systems Software, said, "Our VIDiDOC solutions enable customers fast access to digital documents that are stored centrally and decentralized throughout the enterprise. VIDiDOC, in combination with EMC's Centera as the storage backbone, allows our customers to reap great business benefits by delivering data quickly and reliably whenever and wherever needed."

    About Centera

    EMC designed Centera to approach these problems from the ground up, resulting in a solution optimized for the fixed-content requirements of long-term retention, speed of access and petabyte scalability. In addition, Centera's revolutionary content addressing technology dramatically reduces management overhead, enabling one full-time employee to manage up to 350TB of fixed content.

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