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    January 26, 2004

    EMC and Oracle Help Customers Manage Preserve Inactive Database Records

    EMC Proven Solution Features New EMC DatabaseXtender Software and Joint Services For Database Information Lifecycle Management

    - January 26, 2004 -

    EMC Corporation and Oracle Corporation today unveiled a new joint solution to help Oracle customers efficiently migrate inactive database records onto more cost-effective storage systems to reduce costs, improve critical application and database performance and to meet compliance regulations for historical data.

    The EMC Proven Solution, EMC DatabaseXtender Accelerator for Oracle E-Business Suite, combines joint services from EMC and Oracle with the new EMC software (see related announcement release) to automatically identify and relocate dormant Oracle data from production systems to lower cost online storage platforms. Service professionals from EMC and Oracle will provide in-depth assessments and analysis of the status of a customer's data to determine records to be archived. The two companies will also customize an implementation of the DatabaseXtender software to archive the appropriate data.

    Once complete, the archived information remains online and accessible through the Oracle application. By extracting inactive data from the Oracle Database, customers reduce overall costs and improve the performance and management of their production database by preventing historical data from impeding active mission-critical tasks.

    "The value of Oracle Database information naturally changes over its lifetime," said Don Swatik, EMC's Vice President of Global Solutions. "Dormant data sitting in a critical database can take up valuable cycles, backup time and can become a management headache. Customers want to effectively manage this information throughout its lifecycle and until now have had few choices. This EMC Proven Solution allows customers to keep that older information accessible for compliance or other reasons. Our combined services teams will help customers identify that information and implement a solution that stores it in a more cost-effective manner."

    EMC DatabaseXtender Accelerator for Oracle E-Business Suite is the fourth in a suite of offerings providing new and existing customers with a quick and easy path to achieve the cost-efficiencies and compelling database performance advantages of running their Oracle software with EMC Automated Networked Storage solutions. Other solutions include: Oracle on EMC: Database Accelerator, EMC Oracle 11i RapidClone Accelerator and Oracle Database with EMC: Accelerator for NAS.

    David O'Neill, vice president, Technology/Business Development Consulting at Oracle, said, "Close collaboration between EMC and Oracle is critical to ensure that all underlying data relationships and links are properly maintained during Oracle data archiving. By working together, Oracle and EMC are helping customers improve production system performance while exploiting cost effective options to store and manage data based on the access requirements of the business."

    EMC DatabaseXtender Accelerator for Oracle E-Business Suite is expected to be available in North America on February 17 and available worldwide later in 2004. Demonstrations of this EMC solution will be available at EMC Global Solution Centers located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, Cork, Ireland and Tokyo, Japan. More information can be found at: www.otn.oracle.com/consulting.


    EMC and Oracle

    EMC and Oracle have over 25,000 mutual installations, providing solutions for 90 of the Fortune 100 businesses. The two companies have had a strategic alliance since 1995. In 2002, EMC and Oracle established a Joint Service Center (JSC) staffed by service engineers from both companies to facilitate faster problem resolution for their shared customers and serve as a dedicated lab to duplicate customer environments for testing and benchmarks. Both companies utilize each other's technologies in their own businesses.


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