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    July 30, 2003

    EMC Drives Up Performance Drives Down Cost of Local and Remote Replication

    Announces World's Fastest Extended-Distance Replication and World's Only High-End, Space-Saving Replication Software

    Hopkinton, - July 30, 2003 -

    EMC Corporation today announced two new replication software products that help Symmetrix DMX customers reduce cost, extend distances and increase the frequency of local and remote replications. EMC announced SRDF/A™, the world's highest- performance extended-distance replication software, using EMC patent-pending technologies to maintain a recoverable and restartable copy of data across any distance. EMC also announced EMC Snap™, the world's only space-saving replication software for high-end storage. EMC Snap uses only a fraction of the storage capacity previously needed for local replications, thereby enabling mainframe and open systems users to make more copies of data for repurposing and protection.

    David Donatelli, EMC's Executive Vice President of Storage Platforms Operations, said, "Customers want the ability to replicate data, both locally and remotely, without impacting ongoing operations. EMC invented storage-based data replication software, and we continue to set the pace of innovation. Through advanced replication products like SRDF/A and EMC Snap, customers can rely on EMC's proven ability to address their business requirements."

    Jim Simmons, CEO of SunGard Availability Services, an operating group of SunGard, said, "SRDF/A will demonstrate significant productivity gains for our customers. SRDF/A will allow us to provide a more cost-efficient service to our clients who look to SunGard to provide cutting-edge technology to ensure their information availability in the face of potential business interruption both in the United States and internationally."

    Michael Fisch, Director of Storage and Networking, The Clipper Group, said, "Today's announcements further build on the strengths of EMC Symmetrix DMX. Through its multidimensional approach to the high end, EMC is delivering customer benefits across multiple points of deployment—open, mainframe and the entire enterprise. With the addition of SRDF/A and EMC Snap, EMC has amassed a suite of replication offerings that set a new design point for the industry."

    SRDF/A: The World's Highest-Performing Extended-Distance Replication

    The world's highest performance extended-distance solution for mainframe and open systems environments, SRDF/A is based on the market-leading SRDF software. Using EMC's Delta Set technology, SRDF/A enables customers to maintain a recoverable and restartable remote copy of data at all times, at any distance and with no host application impact.

    Customers wanting to replicate data across long distances historically have been handcuffed by existing implementations. Traditional asynchronous solutions on the market today have done little to address high telecommunications costs, poor performance and cumbersome manageability. SRDF/A delivers high-performance, extended-distance replication and reduced telecommunication costs while leveraging existing management capabilities and minimizing potential data exposure.

    The key SRDF/A innovation is its Delta Set technology, which eliminates transmission of redundant changes. Compared with other replication approaches, SRDF/A uses considerably less bandwidth. Early tests using real-world customer environments demonstrate that SRDF/A can reduce bandwidth requirements as much as 30%.

    EMC also announced native Gigabit Ethernet SRDF connectivity for Symmetrix DMX, enabling remote replications without costly conversion devices. Increasing efficiencies even further, multiple SRDF replications can share the same low-cost Gigabit Ethernet port.

    EMC SNAP: The World's First High-End Space-Saving Replication Software

    EMC today also announced EMC Snap software, giving Symmetrix DMX customers an economical, space-saving alternative to full-volume copies. Available for both mainframe and open systems environments, EMC Snap requires only a fraction of the additional capacity needed to make full volume copies. This ability to satisfy mixed service levels by offering full-copy and space-saving replication solutions differentiates Symmetrix DMX from all other high-end competitors.

    With EMC Snap, creating copies no longer requires 100% of the capacity of the source volume; only a small percentage (typically 30%) of the source capacity is required. The combination of EMC Snap and EMC TimeFinder full-volume replications enables Symmetrix DMX users to meet a wide range of service levels when performing local replications.

    Pricing and Availability

    EMC Snap is available immediately and SRDF/A will be available in September. List prices are based on capacity tiers. SRDF/A prices begin at $20,000. EMC Snap prices begin at $33,000.

    EMC Corporation is the world leader in information storage systems, software, networks and services, providing automated networked storage solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to better and more cost-effectively manage, protect and share their information. More information about EMC's products and services can be found at www.EMC.com.

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