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    April 08, 2003

    EMC Unveils Centera Compliance Edition Helps Customers Respond to Regulatory Requirements

    Delivers Next-Generation Online Storage Solution for Regulated Electronic Records Management & Retention Requirements

    - April 08, 2003 -

    Helping customers respond to heightened regulatory scrutiny surrounding how they retain and preserve their electronic records, EMC Corporation today introduced EMC Centera Compliance Edition, a specialized content addressed storage (CAS) system specifically designed to meet and exceed today's strictest records retention regulations.

    EMC Centera CAS is the first storage solution designed from the ground up to solve the challenges associated with managing and storing fixed content, or unchanging data, such as document images, email, X-rays and medical records. Since its introduction, Centera has become EMC's fastest growing product line, earning multiple awards and industry-wide recognition as the first online archival storage medium capable of guaranteeing content authenticity and scaling to hundreds of terabytes without requiring additional management overhead.

    Ushering in the latest Centera CAS innovations, EMC today announced Centera Compliance Edition, the next-generation in secure, online storage optimized for long-term retention and instant retrieval of regulated digital assets.

    Mark Lewis, EMC's Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, said, "EMC Centera Compliance Edition was designed to help Compliance Officers and IT administrators meet the daunting task of managing their organization's growing deluge of electronic records and communications, while still remaining compliant with tightening records retention regulations."

    New features of Centera Compliance Edition include retention enforcement, which enables compliance officers to set hardened retention periods on electronic records, and satisfies regulations such as SEC Rule17a-4; enhanced disposition, or "shredding," which ensures that deleted data cannot be recovered using disk scanning tools, and complies with regulations such as Department of Defense Directive 5015.2; and application access security, which permits Systems Operators to establish access security and authorized activities at the application or server level, and ensures the privacy of sensitive records for regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

    Robert Williams, President of Cohasset Associates, one of the nation's foremost records management consulting firms, said, "Electronic records management poses the next great challenge for financial, legal and IT departments across all industries. The widespread digitization of records has prompted a wave of new laws and regulations surrounding how these records are retained. Most organizations today, however, are unable to access electronic records that they created and stored just a few years ago, much less demonstrate in a legal proceeding that those records are still accurate, reliable and trustworthy."

    Scottrade, a leading online brokerage firm, recently purchased EMC Centera Compliance Edition to retain and preserve its employee-written e-communications in compliance with SEC. Scottrade purchased 10 terabytes of Centera Compliance Edition to deploy its new e-communications archiving strategy.

    Jeff Polsgrove, CIO at Scottrade, said, "EMC's development of Centera Compliance Edition demonstrates an ongoing commitment to innovate ahead of the intensifying regulatory climate. Today, Compliance Edition serves as the online archive platform for our e-communications records, but because Centera is integrated with most major records management applications, we have the option to utilize the solution as an enterprise-wide online repository for other electronic records, which include could electronic documents, check images and transaction records."

    Steve Duplessie, founder of Enterprise Storage Group, said, "Compliance with records retention regulations is becoming the hottest issue in IT. Although regulated industries are the first to be impacted, it is only a matter of time before data permanence is mandated in every IT department. As a result, there will be a huge demand for cost-efficient disk-based systems capable of storing objects permanently, in an unalterable state. EMC Centera is the first such solution, and EMC Centera Compliance Edition has already proven to meet today's toughest regulatory requirements."

    Additional new EMC Centera features announced today include Content Parity Protection (CPP) for improved capacity utilization, and enhanced replication management, enabling users to set policies for replicating their fixed content.

    EMC Centera list price begins at $64,000 for Centera hardware and $84,000 for Centera software, representing $148,000 for a 4-terabyte protected (8 terabytes raw capacity) total system configuration.

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