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    December 11, 2002

    New EMC Celerra NS600 Delivers High End NAS Features in Mid Tier Package

    Newest Member of Celerra Family Offers Simplified High Availability and Sets New Standard in Price/Performance for Mid-sized Network Attached Storage

    Hopkinton, - December 11, 2002 -

    EMC Corporation today announced the EMC Celerra NS600 network server, combining in one integrated package Celerra's enterprise NAS features with the high availability and cost advantages of EMC CLARiiON storage systems. The Celerra NS600 fills out EMC's family of NAS solutions, headed at the high-end by the Celerra CNS, the world's #1 NAS gateway.

    The EMC Celerra NS600 is a mid-sized NAS system that marries the functionality of EMC's enterprise NAS operating system, DART (Data Access In Real Time), with the CLARiiON storage architecture. Optimized for superior price and performance, the Celerra NS600's inherent high availability offers an alternative to the complex add-on clustering found in today's mid-tier NAS solutions.

    Extremely flexible, the Celerra NS600 can be configured in two different modes—one for high availability and one for maximum performance—and can easily be converted from one mode to the other as business needs evolve. When configured for maximum performance, the NS600 more than doubles the I/Os per second of comparable NAS solutions. When operating in high availability mode, the NS600 is priced at nearly half that of comparable NAS solutions, while maintaining superior price/performance.

    At the high-end, the Celerra CNS, when connected to Symmetrix, continues to offer unmatched levels of performance, SAN/NAS consolidation, and advanced business continuity.

    Steve Kenniston, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Storage Group, said, "The IT industry is more concerned about information protection than ever before. Yet the mid-size NAS products available on the market today require clustering in order to attain high availability—for each filer IT professionals purchase, a second filer is required in order to protect it. The Celerra NS600's inherent high availability architecture solves this problem, and its integration with the rest of EMC's networked storage and management software provides a high level of information protection and ease of information management that saves time, money and headaches."

    EMC Executive Vice President of Storage Platform Operations, Dave Donatelli, said, "EMC continues to execute on its promise to deliver aggressive new products in every networked storage category. The Celerra NS600 changes the rules in mid-tier NAS by offering customers inherent high availability, an alternative to the traditional approach requiring customers to cluster multiple NAS appliances together. With the Celerra NS600, customers get simplified high availability, a clear upgrade path as their requirements grow, and tight integration with the rest of EMC's portfolio of automated networked storage solutions."

    One NAS Solution for the Networked Enterprise

    The Celerra NS600 fills out EMC's family of NAS solutions, headed by the Celerra CNS, the world's #1 NAS gateway. The Celerra CNS serves as a NAS gateway to both EMC CLARiiON and Symmetrix SANs, enabling customers to deploy one centrally managed infrastructure for their NAS and SAN requirements. With the Celerra CNS, customers can consolidate their general-purpose file servers into a unified file-sharing environment, while leveraging the advanced scalability, business continuity, and heterogeneous server interoperability of the SAN.

    With today's announcement, EMC also announced additions to the widest range of NAS management options in the industry. Each of the following management tools is available across the entire Celerra family:

    Celerra Web Manager is a new web-based management tool that allows customers to perform basic NAS management functions such as network configurations, hardware configurations and file system management.

    Celerra Native Manager, EMC's flagship management software solution for the Celerra family, is now also available in a Windows application to provide customers with an easy-to-use management interface for performing advanced NAS functions.

    The full suite of EMC Celerra NAS systems and software is tightly integrated with EMC's ControlCenter family of storage management software, enabling customers to simplify and automate their entire multi-vendor storage infrastructure and manage it from one centralized console.

    The Celerra NS600 is available immediately and starts at $167,000 for a 1 terabyte configuration.

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