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    April 04, 2002

    EMC Led 2001 Data Replication Software Market by Wide Margin According to New Report

    Customers' Business Continuity Requirements Helped Storage Leader Earn 55% of Largest and Fastest-Growing Storage Management Software Category

    Hopkinton, - April 04, 2002 -

    In a year when businesses and governments faced unprecedented requirements for business continuity solutions, EMC Corporation was the clear leader in Data Replication software revenue, achieving five times the market share of its closest competitor. According to a new report issued this week by Gartner Dataquest*, EMC established a 55% revenue share in 2001 of a $1.1 billion market segment that Gartner forecasts will quintuple over the next five years**. EMC was the #1 provider of data replication software for every major operating system, and the #1 overall provider of storage management software. (For more information on the full report, see today's related news release, "EMC Extended Lead in 2001 as #1 Storage Management Software Supplier.")

    Jim Rothnie, EMC's Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said, "Data replication software is the enabling technology for continuous information availability. The overwhelming market move to disk-based replication can be attributed to the increased urgency of virtually instant recovery after an outage, ensuring zero data loss and rapid resumption of operations. Concurrently, the global move toward networked storage has established the need for data replication solutions capable of working with any and all operating environments. EMC invented and pioneered storage-based data replication software, and our advantages in technology, interoperability and services are perfectly positioned to meet these burgeoning requirements."

    According to Gartner Dataquest's report ("2001 Storage Management Software Market Share), EMC led the Unix-based data replication software market with a 78% revenue share, 17 times greater than its closest competitor; EMC led in Windows-based data replication software with a 51% share, 4 times greater than its closest competitor; EMC led in iSeries/400-based data replication software with a 54% share; and EMC led in mainframe-based data replication software with a 37.9% share.

    Carolyn DiCenzo, Chief Analyst for Gartner Dataquest's Storage Management Software and SAN Appliances research group, said, "Companies continue to double storage capacity each year, and they must evolve their business continuity solutions in parallel. SANs, intelligent storage appliances and new data replication techniques will transform the way traditional storage backup and recovery is accomplished over the next few years."

    Industry experts believe many companies' information availability measures have lagged behind their growing storage requirements. In a recent survey of executives responsible for their organizations' business continuity plans, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, nearly 40% said it would take days or longer to bring records back online in the event of a disaster at their data center, while 7% conceded it would take longer than a week, if they were able to get the data online at all.

    EMC Data Replication Solutions

    EMC's expertise in data replication technology can be attributed to the lessons learned from deploying more than 30,000 data replication software licenses over the past six years. EMC data replication solutions include:

    • EMC's SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) software for its Symmetrix systems and MirrorView software for its CLARiiON systems enable customers to replicate their primary data center to one or more remote sites, keeping business data available within minutes for fast recovery from planned and unplanned outages.

    • EMC's TimeFinder software enables customers to create mirror images of production volumes that can be used to run simultaneous processes in parallel, so the primary data source is never at risk. With TimeFinder, customers can perform application testing, accomplish quick and frequent backups, and load or update data warehouses with real productiuon data, while not disrupting the network in any way.

    • EMC's SnapView software provides TimeFinder-like capabilities to EMC's CLARiiON product line.

    • EMC CopyPoint software, provides iSeries/400 environments with virtually uninterrupted 24x7 enterprise-wide production-level support while enabling backup protection and other operational background functions with minimal disruption.

    • EMC's GeoSpan family of replication software deliver simple, automated, and open management of high-availability solutions for server clusters and applications. GeoSpan integrates server clustering with simplifiedisaster recovery/restart solutions to provide automated application failover/failback and application migration.

    • ECC Replication Manager, a product of EMC's AutoIS strategy, delivers automation and centralized heterogeneous storage management to the replication process. ECC Replication Manager enables the user to automate the deployment and management of information replication across the enterprise, reducing the risk of human error. With Replication Manager, multiple copies of information can be created in less time, with fewer resources-and at reduced operational costs.

    • ECC SDMM (Symmetrix Data Mobility Manager), another product of EMC's AutoIS strategy, enables businesses to automate the process of data replication for SRDF.

    EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) is the world leader in information storage systems, software, networks and services, providing the information infrastructure for a connected world. Information about EMC's products and services can be found at http://www.EMC.com.

    *Gartner Dataquest "2001 Storage Management Software Market Share", C. DiCenzo. 27 March 2002.

    **Gartner Dataquest "Storage Management Software Forecasts: 2002-2006", C. DiCenzo. 27 March 2002.

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