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    October 29, 2001

    EMC Launches ECC OPEN EDITION Software for Next Generation Information Management

    Simplifies, Automates Management of Complex Heterogeneous Storage Environments

    - October 29, 2001 -

    EMC Corporation today announced the next-generation of open storage management software with EMC ControlCenter™/Open Edition (ECC/Open Edition). ECC/Open Edition software enables customers to centralize the management of their entire storage infrastructure — including EMC and non-EMC storage, networks and host storage resources (volume managers, file systems, and databases). Today's announcement advances EMC's lead in helping customers lower total cost of ownership through simplified management of multi-vendor environments.

    Complex, heterogeneous storage infrastructures are limited by their ability to be managed. ECC/Open Edition simplifies storage management by enabling customers to deploy one unified infrastructure from which to view all storage resources and apply powerful and automated monitoring and management applications.

    The core of ECC/Open Edition comprises integrated information management applications — like the new ECC Replication Manager and ECC StorageScope solutions — for storage allocation, monitoring, data protection, performance management and administration. All ECC/Open Edition applications share a sophisticated central repository and common set of services. This advanced architecture leverages the EMC WideSky storage middleware technology (see separate release) to provide companies an entirely new level of control over their information assets. ECC/OpenEdition collects information about — and draws correlations between — every component on the storage network including hosts, switches and storage systems.

    In its initial release ECC/Open Edition supports:

    • Storage Systems - EMC Symmetrix®, EMC CLARiiON® (and Dell/EMC FC Series), EMC Celerra, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, SUN and Network Appliance storage systems, as well as STK and other tape devices.
    • Network Devices - EMC Connectrix™, Brocade, McDATA, and Qlogic switches and their respective third-party switch management software.
    • Systems Management Frameworks - BMC, CA, HP, MicroMuse, Tivoli and any SNMP-based application.
    • Hosts - IBM AIX, HP-UX, SUN Solaris, Microsoft Windows and OS/390 mainframes.

    Jim Rothnie, EMC Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said, "The ability to create simplified views of complex, multi-vendor environments and apply automated management capabilities across them, is a massive feat. To do it, and to do it right, management applications must coordinate all three layers — on the server, network and storage system — and all managed as a single entity. ECC/Open Edition provides the management foundation for these next-generation requirements, and will serve as the knowledge base upon which users will build a logical view and deploy automated control across their entire storage domain."

    Herbert Wolfshoefer, Manager of Storage Services for HVBInfo, said, "ECC/Open Edition is exactly what we need to simplify our most complex environment. Not only does it solve real problems today with integrated applications, but gives us a scalable platform for the future. ECC/Open Edition will help us manage everything from the smallest to the largest resources across our SAN islands. The fact that ECC/OpenEdition embraces it all — including both EMC and non-EMC storage, switches and servers — takes information management to a new level. It enables us to service our customers in a better way and deliver storage services exactly when needed at a reasonable price." HVBInfo GmbH provides IT services and infrastructure for Hypovereinsbank (HVB Group), Germany's second-largest bank, and to external customers.

    "ECC/Open Edition represents a major departure from prior management approaches," added Rothnie. "Where today's storage management applications' view of the world is limited to specific functions, ECC/Open Edition applications benefit from a global view of the entire infrastructure, resulting in a new era of management depth, reach, granularity, simplicity and efficiency."

    Steve Duplessie, founder of the Enterprise Storage Group said, "Customers are looking for simplicity to increase return on their people, assets, and investments. They want to see and manage their heterogeneous storage environment as a whole — not as separate factions. They want intuitive management software that will control it all and automate resource-intensive tasks. The successful companies moving forward will be those that enable the user to do more with fewer people, and as such we view automation as critical. EMC clearly gets it."

    ECC/Open Edition provides central control over all major enterprise storage management platform resources across a wide range of EMC and non-EMC servers, storage networks, and storage systems. They include the ability to:

    Discover and view all elements of the storage topology, and map and display the relationship between host operating systems, volume mangers, file systems, and databases; storage networks; storage systems.
    Monitor the status and real-time performance information for the entire storage infrastructure from one Java console, and propagate alerts via SNMP and integration to system and network management frameworks from BMC, CA, HP, Micromuse, Tivoli and any SNMP-based application.
    Automate functions and tasks through policy-based storage resource management to achieve desired service levels.
    Provision and allocate storage, networks and host storage resources dynamically in response to real-time as well as anticipated business requirements.
    Report real-time, historical, and future trending information to assist in problem solving, storage allocation planning, capacity utilization, and performance analysis.

    ECC/Open Edition will be available in 90 days and included with any EMC ControlCenter management application.

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