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    October 29, 2001

    New EMC Replication Manager Software Simplifies Complex Data Replication Tasks

    Powerful Software Application Automates Multivendor Disk Based Replications for "Instant Restore" and Repurposing of Critical Business Data

    - October 29, 2001 -

    EMC Corporation today announced EMC ControlCenter™ Replication Manager software (ECC Replication Manager), delivering an entirely new level of automation, simplification and speed for even the most complex data replication tasks. ECC Replication Manager greatly simplifies complex replication procedures such as information recovery, repurposing and life cycle data management.

    Customers are creating more and more disk-based replications for business needs such as fast recovery and repurposing of information. As disk media costs continue to decline and replication technologies advance, the final component required is the ability to make the entire replication process simple and automated. ECC Replication Manager meets this need, doing for disk-based replication what MS Windows did for MS DOS — making it simple and easy for customers to exploit all the underlying capabilities across their entire environment.

    An integral part of EMC's Automated Information Storage (AutoIS) strategy, ECC Replication Manager consolidates into a single point of control the knowledge gained through thousands of EMC replication software deployments. Operating in combination with replication technologies — such as EMC TimeFinder™ today and EMC CLARiiON® SnapView™ and non-EMC solutions in the future — ECC Replication Manager automates virtually every procedure related to data replication. The result is dramatically simplified scheduling, splitting, synchronizing and mounting of replicas to alternate hosts; automated discovery of devices that need access to replications; and restore from disk of file systems and databases.

    Jim Rothnie, EMC Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said, "Customers are struggling to do more with disk replications without having to write complex custom code. With ECC Replication Manager, what used to require custom development now can be done automatically. Previously manual processes can now be completed with the push of a button. This carries tremendous value for customers as they strive to get the most efficient use of their technical talent, time and money."

    EDS is on the forefront of companies planning to take advantage of ECC Replication Manager's advanced capabilities. "We have over two petabytes of EMC information storage to support many of our 9000 clients around the world," said Alan Shockley, EDS Manager of Enterprise Information Technology. "At that scale, EDS must work continuously to improve our management tools and methods to ensure customers can rapidly leverage their information. Replication is at the core of these management efforts and enables us to achieve ambitious performance and availability goals. We expect ECC Replication Manager will help EDS keep raising the standard of service excellence for our clients."

    Mike Kahn, of technology acquisition consulting firm The Clipper Group, said, "As organizations increasingly rely on disk-based replication for backup and recovery, they will need solutions that will enable them to deploy this approach more extensively while improving administrator productivity through simplification and automation. Productivity-improving software products like ECC Replication Manager will accelerate the adoption of disk-based recovery."

    The benefits of disk-based backup and recovery can be outweighed by a host of management challenges associated with complex replication operations across multiple storage domains, applications, and environments. The more complex and labor-intensive the procedure, the more staff is required with specialized storage, replication or database knowledge to implement it. ECC Replication Manager eliminates many of these complex and labor-intensive activities, and replaces them with a point-and-click GUI. Customers can now re-deploy expertise for storage or replication technology on more strategic initiatives.

    ECC Replication Manager is available immediately and leverages EMC WideSky™ storage management middleware to ensure both breadth and depth of support for multi-vendor storage systems, networks, and host storage resources. ECC Replication Manager works with all leading backup applications and, through its Java-based management console, can be operated from a local terminal or securely over the Internet.

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