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    October 29, 2001

    EMC StorageScope Software Simplifies Heterogeneous Storage Asset Management

    Delivers Increased Efficiencies by Automating the Planning, Reporting, Billing and Charge-Back of Multivendor Storage, Networks and Host Storage Resources

    Hopkinton, - October 29, 2001 -

    EMC Corporation today announced EMC Enterprise Control Center StorageScope™ (ECC StorageScope) software, a new addition to the EMC ControlCenter/Open Edition family of integrated software applications. StorageScope provides customers with powerful software to reduce costs associated with the deployment, monitoring and management of heterogeneous information storage resources. Storage Scope is an open application that automates the collection, analysis and reporting of data from all storage elements in an enterprise. ECC StorageScope delivers real-time and historical reports of storage allocation, usage and configuration details.

    ECC StorageScope supports a number of EMC and non-EMC storage systems, including EMC Symmetrix®, EMC CLARiiON® (and Dell/EMC FC Series), Compaq, EMC Celerra™ and Network Appliance storage systems. Support for HDS, HP, SUN and IBM storage arrays are planned for future releases.

    Jim Rothnie, EMC Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, said, "In today's spending environment, customers can't afford to wrestle with scores of spreadsheets and disparate reporting mechanisms to communicate with their business. They want the information infrastructure equivalent of a dashboard. Using sophisticated and automated data collection technology, ECC StorageScope helps business understand what storage resources they have, how they are being used, and to plan for future needs."

    Phil Yoo, Vice President of Development at Lucent Technologies Billing and Customer Care Business said, "We have found StorageScope to be a powerful, flexible tool for automating the collection and reporting of detailed storage allocation and utilization data. Furthermore, we're integrating our Kenan® IP Services Software with ECC StorageScope software, offering our service provider customers a clear competitive advantage in billing for storage to outpace market changes and better service their clients."

    Rob Schafer, Program Director of Meta Group's Enterprise Data Center Strategies said, "The proliferation of mission-critical enterprise storage is driving the increasingly urgent requirement for users to know how much storage they have, where they have it, how it's being used, and how to charge for it. Equally critical, they need both the IT and business level views of all their storage assets. ECC Storage Scope is targeted directly at this very real market."

    Rothnie added, "Storage management tools are only valuable if they can help customers make faster and better business decisions. ECC StorageScope does this by providing accurate, up to date view of all storage resources within an organization both horizontally — across the enterprise — and vertically — for a particular line of business."

    ECC Storage Scope offers a powerful graphical user interface that enables IT and business users to review storage utilization together, from both an infrastructure perspective (geographic location, storage area networks, etc.) and a business perspective (subscribers, departments, etc.). This facilitates a dialogue between IT staff and the businesses they serve.

    ECC StorageScope delivers monitoring and alerting by notifying administrators when thresholds have been exceeded. ECC StorageScope can also be easily integrated with and is supported by third-party billing applications as well system and network management frameworks through industry-standard SNMP, SQL, XML, CLI and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

    ECC StorageScope will be available in 30 days and leverages EMC WideSky™ storage management middleware to ensure both breadth and depth of support for multi-vendor storage systems, networks and host storage resources.

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