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    October 09, 2001

    EMC Delivers Anti Virus Solution for Celerra NAS Environments

    Leverages Integration Partners Computer Associates, McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro for Best-of-Breed Solutions

    Hopkinton, - October 09, 2001 -

    EMC Corporation, in conjunction with the world's four largest anti-virus software vendors, today announced an integrated anti-virus solution for the Celerra™ File Server, EMC's enterprise-level network attached storage (NAS) offering.

    Available immediately, the Celerra Anti-Virus Solution leverages EMC's relationships with Computer Associates, McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro to provide customers with centralized, scalable virus-checking functionality while maintaining enterprise levels of data availability. The solution utilizes external anti-virus engines from each of the four vendors to provide "on-access" anti-virus scanning by checking data and content files for viruses as they are updated.

    "In order to employ enterprise-level virus-checking capability, companies no longer have to choose between high-level performance and security — the Celerra Anti-Virus Solution provides both," said Jon Brown, Vice President of Engineering at Activate.net. "And, by virtue of EMC's partnerships with leading anti-virus vendors, companies can leverage their existing infrastructure to add flexible and centralized virus-checking functionality to their environment."

    The Celerra Anti-Virus Solution provides a consolidated approach to virus checking by taking advantage of the robust Celerra architecture while augmenting existing server and desktop anti-virus software. By integrating external anti-virus engines with Celerra, customers benefit by isolating virus checking from other information flows, scaling anti-virus capabilities as necessary, and facilitating improvements to system performance and data availability.

    "With the increase of computer-related viruses — and the escalating costs associated with the damage they cause — virus protection for enterprises using network attached storage is no longer an option; it's a requirement," said Bob Passmore, Research Director, Gartner Group. "Enterprise-level NAS customers can now take advantage of industry leading anti-virus solutions necessary to protect their valuable assets from virus threats."

    A March 2001 study co-sponsored by the Computer Security Institute and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation indicated that the costs associated with security breaches at public and private organizations are increasing at a rapid pace. The CERT® Coordination Center, a center of Internet security expertise for the Department of Defense at Carnegie Mellon University, also reported that the number of new computer vulnerabilities is growing rapidly — nearly tripling since 1999.

    "As viruses, denial of service attacks and other attempts at electronic security breaches become more common, customers are looking for more robust, comprehensive ways to protect their information assets," said Don Swatik, EMC's Vice President of Alliances and Information Sciences. "This need is compounded by two major trends — the explosion of electronic information and the networking of storage. As these trends continue, customers will increasingly find that effective anti-virus protection requires centralization and scalability — the core features of the Celerra Anti-Virus Solution."

    Each of the four partners are members of the recently expanded EMC E-Infostructure™ Developers Program (EIDP), the storage industry's most comprehensive open storage software integration initiative. The initiative, which began in 1999 with programming interfaces for EMC's Symmetrix® systems and software, now enables developers to customize their software to utilize key management and protection features of EMC's Celerra File Servers. Details on the specific Computer Associates, McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro memberships in the EIDP and their specific solutions are available in separate press releases issued today.

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