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    June 25, 2001

    EMC Reduces Costs And Enhances Client Service For National Mortgage Services Firm

    LERETA Deploys Networked Information Storage and Software to Provide Access to Real-time Loan Processing Data

    Hopkinton, - June 25, 2001 -

    LERETA Corporation, a nationwide provider of real estate tax and flood hazard certification services to mortgage, insurance and other real estate service providers, has turned to EMC Corporation for management and storage of its mission-critical information. The national mortgage services firm has deployed EMC's open networked information storage and suite of management software to reduce information technology costs, increase the value of its business information and deliver greater information access to its rapidly growing LERETA customer base.

    Alan Brauer, LERETA's Chief Information Officer said, "Responding to the information needs of customers is at the core of everything we do. EMC is best positioned to solve the complex information management problems that ensure the success of our business. In EMC, we found a storage partner with the single mission of managing and protecting our company's information and the systems, software and network offerings to do it. Being able to quadruple our EMC storage without having to bring in another system administrator makes us more flexible in delivering new services to clients. When you add up these factors, the cost of managing EMC storage is significantly less than what would have been required had we gone with another vendor."

    "Other storage systems we considered offered disk systems with limited software functionality, little support and virtually no storage networking strategy," continued Brauer. "EMC went far beyond what others had to offer in terms of comprehensive software and support -- key to the success of any storage initiative. EMC's proven networked information storage solutions have allowed us to easily scale while continuing to improve service to our customers."

    LERETA, based in Covina, Calif., has consolidated information from its mainframe, UNIX and Windows NT environments with an EMC information infrastructure or E-Infostructure. EMC competed against IBM's "Shark" and Hitachi's "Lightning" systems for LERETA's networked storage infrastructure business.

    EMC's Professional Services consultants worked with LERETA to design and implement its EMC Enterprise Storage Area Network (ESN) using EMC Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems, EMC Connectrix Fibre-Channel switches and EMC information management software including EMC TimeFinder, EMC PowerPath and EMC ControlCenter.

    "EMC's wide range of rich software addresses every need across our storage infrastructure," commented Brauer. "EMC's networked storage brings information residing in our different operating environments together and allows us to manage that data from a central point of control. Suddenly, we can move data around more rapidly and efficiently than ever before and make a direct impact on our business. For example, the tightly integrated data access EMC's software provides has enabled us to speed processing of flood certifications -- an improvement that offers significant value to our clients."

    David Donatelli, EMC's Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and New Business Development, said, "Decisions like LERETA's are being made every day by world-class organizations dedicated to the belief that information management can be a competitive weapon. More now than ever, EMC's proven technologies and cost of ownership advantages bring customers the highest possible return on their information."

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