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    March 14, 2001

    EMC Begins New Global Branding Initiative With March Madness Tipoff

    Television Commercials Underscore 'Where Information Lives', Debut With NCAA Basketball Tournament

    Hopkinton, - March 14, 2001 -

    More and more of today's most successful organizations are putting information at the center of their business, and only one company stands at the center of information. With that concept as its foundation, EMC Corporation today unveiled a major new global branding initiative that reinforces EMC as "where information lives" — by visually presenting the challenges of harnessing exponentially growing amounts of information and the solutions offered by EMC's information infrastructure - E-Infostructure®.

    The branding initiative, EMC's largest ever, tips off with new television commercials that will begin airing Thursday, March 15, during the "March Madness" NCAA men's basketball tournament on CBS, the opening of one of television's most widely viewed events. The television ads also will appear on major U.S. cable news networks and international outlets. The accompanying print campaign will be featured in major business publications worldwide.

    Joe Tucci, EMC President and CEO, said, "Nearly every type of transaction in the world flows through EMC systems today. Airline reservations, stock trades, emails, credit card purchases and telephone calls all create a trail of digitized information, and more of it lives on EMC technology than anywhere else. EMC has created the most powerful information infrastructure to handle this tremendous responsibility. There has never been a more opportune time for EMC to capitalize on this strength and the growth of the information storage market to further build our brand. A strong brand is one of the most powerful traits of 'built-to-last' companies. EMC will have an increasingly important role in the world's economy over the coming years, and this is an ideal time to highlight brand power."

    Tucci continued, "We see three truths emerging in the world today first, the explosion of new digital information will continue its unprecedented pace. Second, the strongest companies excel at managing their information. And third, only EMC has built the technological foundation that can help organizations harness absolutely all of their information for greater productivity and decisive competitive advantage."

    The prominent visual symbol of the new initiative is the EMC Orb", a sphere made up of monitors with hundreds of images representing information in all of its diverse forms, always accessible regardless of volume, source or destination. The EMC Orb communicates the notion that massive amounts of information are a daily part of people's lives and extend far beyond traditional text-based data. In order for all that information to be useful, it must always be accessible, either physically or virtually, by all who need access to it. The campaign was created by Arnold Worldwide, Boston.

    Jack Garrahan, EMC's Vice President of Global Marketing, explained, "This branding initiative is about the choice thousands of successful companies are making to become information-centric rather than computer-centric. Our promise to our customers is very straightforward: As they put information at the center, EMC promises to be the world's best caretaker of that information, and allow them to derive value from that information, no matter what future technology brings."

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