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    January 01, 2001

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    E-Lab Testing Center Builds on $1 Billion Investment In Multivendor Interoperability Testing To Provide Open, Integrated Enterprise Storage Networks

    Hopkinton, - January 01, 2001 -

    Expanding the world's most extensive commitment to deliver open, fully interoperable storage area networks (SANs), EMC Corporation today unveiled the EMC E-Infostructure Interoperability Program. With more than $1 billion over six years already invested in storage interoperability testing, EMC is expanding the industry's largest and longest running interoperability testing program. The enhanced capabilities enable customers to employ EMC E-Infostructure to harness, manage and use enterprise information even more rapidly, safely and simply, regardless of application origin, operating system, interconnect or server.

    As part of the EMC E-Infostructure Interoperability Program, EMC has opened "E-Lab," an enlarged interoperability testing facility located at the heart of its new 150,000-square-foot product development facility in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. The E-Lab expands EMC's ability to perform exhaustive stress tests on all EMC Enterprise Storage Network (ESN) components, including tests of base qualifications, interoperability and standards compliance. The goal is to ensure that all components of the multivendor ESN, from storage systems, servers, switches, hubs, host adapters, bridges and tape systems, to databases, operating systems and management software, interoperate in the complex, widely varied storage network environments found at real customer sites.

    With more than 35 different types of computing platforms, including mainframes, open systems servers and operating systems, and dozens of other components qualified to interoperate within the Enterprise Storage Network, EMC delivers the world's most open and flexible storage network solutions. The EMC Enterprise Storage Network extends SAN technology with enhanced connectivity plus business capabilities that can have a profound impact on how companies access and use information to gain a marketplace edge.

    Qualified E-Lab Tested Suppliers

    Vendors' products that pass EMC's extensive interoperability tests can be designated "EMC E-Lab Tested," signifying that they successfully interoperate within the multivendor EMC Enterprise Storage Network. Vendors can use the new EMC E-Lab Tested designation and logo to validate the product's tested interoperability in the ESN.

    Dozens of products from the following 14 vendors are among the initial offerings qualified as E-Lab Tested under the expanded E-Infostructure Interoperability Program: Agilent, BROCADE, CNT, Computerm, Crossroads, Emulex, Finisar, Gadzoox, INRANGE, JNI Corporation, McDATA, Nortel Networks, QLogic and Vixel. EMC expects to announce additional E-Lab Tested suppliers, such as Ancor Communications, in the future. To learn more about the EMC E-Infostructure Interoperability Program, please go to www.emc.com/interop_program.jsp.

    Unparalleled Commitment in Interoperability Testing

    Comprehensive interoperability testing is a key element of the EMC E-Infostructure, a shared foundation of technologies, tools, services and intellectual capital enabling uninterrupted information flow. By connecting all their information assets with an E-Infostructure, customers gain continuous, unlimited access to all their information.

    Steve Duplessie, Founder of and Senior Analyst at The Enterprise Storage Group, said, "Interoperability is the overriding concern of SAN users. By ensuring that SAN products from multiple best-of-breed vendors work within the Enterprise Storage Network, EMC assures its customers of functional coherence in complex SAN infrastructures. Open, tested interoperability adds legitimacy to EMC's drive to place enterprise storage firmly in the center of the IT universe."

    Don Swatik, EMC Vice President of Strategic Planning, said, "EMC's extraordinary investment in interoperability testing facilities and expertise enables us to deliver the most open, robust enterprise storage solutions on the market. By leveraging the laser focus we and our partners have on quality and time to market, we take the guesswork out of storage networking for our customers while helping them exploit business opportunities and accelerate their own time to market."

    Click2Send.com, a leading Internet-based file delivery, storage and management network, employs a heterogeneous EMC Enterprise Storage Network as the foundation of its fast, reliable, digital desktop-to-desktop file handling service. David Knight, CTO of Click2Send, said, "We move several terabytes of customer information among our corporate systems daily, worldwide. Our customers demand 'plug-and-play' interoperability between their enterprise computing applications and our network infrastructure, in virtually realtime. We chose EMC as our enterprise SAN partner because of EMC's commitment to customer service, product quality and interoperability testing at all levels. EMC ensures that we can stay focused on expanding our business at Internet speed."

    The EMC Enterprise Storage Network provides a single infrastructure that exploits the power of information regardless of its location. ESN comprises a dedicated, high-speed network that uses storage area networking (SAN) technology, network attached storage (NAS) capabilities, and dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology, enabling customers to weave together heterogeneous storage, switches, hubs and servers into a single, easily managed, centralized information infrastructure. ESNs converge distributed information from departments and business units throughout the enterprise, and from remote locations over local or wide area networks.

    EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) is the world leader in information storage systems, software, networks and services, providing the information infrastructure for a connected world. Information about EMC's products and services can be found at www.emc.com.

    EMC Corporation
    E-Infostructure Interoperability Program
    E-Lab Tested Partners
    June 20, 2000

    Agilent Technologies, Inc.www.agilent.com
    "Agilent and EMC have a long-standing partnership and a common passion for providing customers with interoperable, industry-leading storage networking solutions," said Bob Whitson, Worldwide Marketing Manager at Agilent. "The fact that Agilent's host bus adapter has been certified by EMC's E-Lab program is proof of the high quality standard for SAN interoperability that has been established by our respective companies."

    BROCADE Communication Systems, Inc.www.brocade.com
    Jack Cuthbert, BROCADE's Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, said, "As the leading provider of a scalable, reliable networking foundation for storage environments, we are delighted that the BROCADE SilkWorm Fibre Channel fabric switches have been qualified as EMC E-Lab Tested. The E-Lab Tested certification represents the high level of integration between BROCADE products and the EMC Enterprise Storage Network solutions, and it builds on our OEM relationship with EMC. We wholeheartedly support this quality initiative toward achieving end-to-end, heterogeneous interoperability of storage area networks for our mutual customers."

    Computer Network Technology (CNT)www.cnt.com
    "In addition to our joint marketing, service and support alliance, EMC and CNT have invested several years in product testing initiatives. So it is natural for CNT's UltraNet Director and Gateway products to be a part of the formal testing program at EMC E-Lab," said Mark Knittel, Group Vice President of Worldwide Product Operations at CNT. "CNT's participation in the E-Lab validates how CNT storage networking capabilities complement EMC enterprise storage solutions and supports CNT's commitment to providing innovative, interoperable solutions. E-Lab testing will provide our customers with a predetermined satisfaction that their chosen enterprise storage network solutions will operate with various products, offering endless features and flexibility."

    Computerm Corporationwww.computerm.com
    Dave Hubbard, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Computerm, said, "As customers rely more and more on storage networks to consolidate far-flung information stores, they require solutions that overcome the distance limitations and maximize the bandwidth utilization between servers and storage, and minimize downtime during data center migrations. As our membership in the EMC E-Lab Tested program indicates, EMC and Computerm continue to work closely to offer customers fully integrated solutions to these critical IT challenges."

    Crossroads Systems, Inc.www.crossroads.com
    Larry Sanders, President and COO of Crossroads, said, "As the volume of Internet-based data continues to grow at profound rates, our customers are demanding storage networks that are highly reliable and work as a single, integrated solution. EMC and Crossroads are working closely to deliver this powerful information infrastructure. As an initial holder of the prestigious EMC E-Lab Tested designation, Crossroads is proud to join an elite group of vendors whose products meet customers' requirements for flexible and cost-effective storage networks."

    Emulex Corporationwww.emulex.com
    Mike Smith, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Emulex, said, "Emulex and EMC have worked diligently to ensure that the EMC Enterprise Storage Network consists of components both hardware and software - that integrate seamlessly. We are pleased to be one of the first partners of EMC to successfully meet the rigorous interoperability requirements of the new EMC E-Lab Tested initiative. Once again, Emulex and EMC are setting the standard for real-world, pretested storage network solutions."

    Finisar Corporationwww.finisar.com
    Jerry Rawls, President and CEO of Finisar, said, "Finisar and EMC are working closely to help our customers deploy Enterprise Storage Networks that enable them to take full advantage of the many operational, financial and business benefits that SAN technology brings. Through our participation in both the EMC E-Lab Tested program and the FibreAlliance, we are pleased to be advancing SAN interoperability, a critical underpinning of widespread storage networking deployment."

    Gadzoox Networks, Inc.www.gadzoox.com
    Randy Batterson, Manager of Strategic Alliances for Gadzoox, said, "Gadzoox and EMC continue to work together to ensure that our respective products are interoperable. As a founding member of the FibreAlliance, Gadzoox and EMC are pioneering the advancement of SAN management interoperability. Our designation as one of the initial EMC E-Lab Tested vendors extends this important relationship and ensures our customers that they can easily and confidently deploy heterogeneous, enterprise-class storage networks."

    INRANGE Technologieswww.inrange.com
    Charles Foley, Executive Vice President of Marketing at INRANGE, said, "Today's growing storage networks demand enterprise-class availability, scalability and management capabilities. INRANGE's association with EMC, through both the E-Lab Tested initiative and the FibreAlliance, demonstrates our commitment to join industry leaders in providing customers with open, integrated, and certified storage network solutions. Our joint technologies help to provide the infrastructure on which customers' storage networks can deliver business value."

    JNI Corporationwww.jni.com
    "EMC's E-Lab program illustrates the ongoing commitment JNI and EMC share in delivering heterogeneous, multivendor SAN solutions," said Scott Ruple, JNI Vice President of Marketing. "JNI and EMC have been here from the beginning, and we have the most exhaustive testing and qualification programs in the industry. JNI is proud to be a initial member of EMC's E-Lab, and we look forward to qualifying with future EMC systems, as well as additional SAN component vendors in the coming years."

    McDATA Corporationwww.mcdata.com
    "As the storage area network market grows, customers expect to be able to mix and match the multivendor components of the SAN. Working closely with EMC, McDATA has established an uncompromising level of highly available hardware and software product interoperability within the EMC Enterprise Storage Network," said Mark Stratton, McDATA's Director of Systems Integration Services. "ESN customers are the real beneficiaries of the new EMC E-Infostructure Interoperability Program, and McDATA is pleased to be an initial E-Lab Tested partner."

    Nortel Networkswww.nortelnetworks.com
    Rob Saloman, Vice President, Market Development, Nortel Networks, said, "Storage is critical to the Internet's ability to provide timely access to information. Nortel Networks is building anew, high-performance Internet that is more reliable and faster than ever before, redefining the economics and quality of networking and communications. Through E-Lab Tested solutions that span Nortel Networks' Optical Internet and EMC's Enterprise Storage Networks, customers can unleash their business solutions with confidence, shattering current LAN and SAN boundaries."

    QLogic Corporationwww.qlogic.com
    Jack Wood, Software Product Manager of the QLogic Computer Systems Group, said, "IT professionals depend on QLogic and EMC for hardware and software solutions that are compatible and interoperable, so they can confidently configure and manage the critical I/O connection in storage networks. QLogic's membership in the EMC E-Lab Tested program complements our membership in the FibreAlliance. Together, these initiatives demonstrate our commitment to provide customers with manageable, highly interoperable storage network I/O solutions."

    Vixel Corporationwww.vixel.com
    Ron Von Trapp, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vixel, said, "EMC and Vixel have worked tirelessly to ensure the highest level of interoperability between their respective products. As a founding member of the FibreAlliance and now the EMC E-Lab Tested program, Vixel shares EMC's commitment to provide customers with tested, interoperable storage network solutions that work seamlessly right out of the box."

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