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    May 22, 1995

    Multimillion Dollar Installation of Symmetrix Remote Data Facility SRDF Allows Real Time Data Mirroring Over Extended Distances

    Hopkinton, - Monday, May 22, 1995

    Hopkinton, - May 22, 1995 -

    EMC Corporation today announced that telecommunications giant MCI has tested and is implementing EMC?s new Extended Distance Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF). The high-speed business continuance technology will further enhance MCI?s ability to offer advanced information services and network-based data storage, supporting a wide range of business needs such as content warehousing. This latest multimillion-dollar investment by MCI in EMC technology represents the largest SRDF implementation to date.

    The new Extended Distance SRDF uses multiple Symmetrix 5000 series subsystems to automatically duplicate or ?mirror? data between facilities hundreds or thousands of miles away at 45 megabits (million bits) per second. Applications of the new SRDF technology include data migration from one facility to another and providing business continuance for vital information systems, through SRDF?s ability to recover critical business processes in minutes after an interruption occurs at a local facility.

    ?We were able to do in minutes and hours what took us days before and caused significant disruption to our customers? business. Now, in the event of a disaster or scheduled downtime, we can restore service in a remote facility with little or no disruption to our customers,? said Bob Kamba, MCI?s Vice President of Information Technology. ?For example, the new SRDF system recently allowed us to move 1.5 terabytes (1.5 trillion bytes) of data from Rockville, Maryland to Omaha, Nebraska, a distance of over 1200 miles, with unprecedented speed and reliability.?

    ?Market acceptance of this unique EMC offering has been extraordinary. Businesses realize they can?t afford any down time for any reason,? said Michael C. Ruettgers, EMC President and CEO. ?Where traditional disaster recover programs are designed to recover data in hours and days, SRDF does it in minutes. And, with extended distance, data can be mirrored in different geographical locations, providing companies such as MCI with assured business continuance. Other data storage vendors have promised similar capabilities, but have not delivered anything like SRDF.?

    AS MCI continues its drive to be a leading provider of information services, Internet access and on-line commerce in ?virtual? shopping malls, it is investing in advanced technologies that provide significant increases in capacity as well as enhanced performance, security and reliability.

    ?Nearly 40 percent of MCI?s network is less than three years old, ? said Kamba. ?And, as we continue to grow the network and develop additional sources of revenue as an information services and content provider, we are continuously identifying and introducing new technologies such as SRDF, that will ensure our prominence in the emerging world of network-based services and storage.?

    MCI, headquartered in Washington, D.C., has grown from its core long distance business to become the world?s third largest carrier of international calling and a premier provider of data communications over the Internet computer network. With annual revenue of over $13.3 billion, the company today provides a wide array of consumer and business long distance and local services, data and video communications, on-line information, electronic mail, network management services and communications software. Network MCI services is the division responsible for developing MCI?s information technology and operating its global intelligent network.

    EMC Corporation is an industrial Fortune 500 company and a leader in enterprise-wide information storage and retrieval technology, designing systems for mainframe, midrange and open systems computing environments. The company has offices worldwide and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol EMC.

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