• Social Impact Public Policy Advocacy

    Advancing our 2030 social impact plan through public policy

    • We envision a world where technology helps cure cancers, provides safe and efficient transport, improves agricultural and manufacturing production, provides educational opportunities, offers interesting new jobs, and greatly improves everyone’s quality of life. As a global technology provider and corporate citizen, we also see firsthand how access and inclusion allow people everywhere to become part of the digital era.

      As countries, communities and businesses struggle to recover from the effects of the pandemic and respond to growing concerns about racial inequity, it is a unique time in history to reimagine what a better world could look like. Governments and companies need to clearly define their position on these global events and seize the opportunity to demonstrate the critical role technology plays in addressing these issues and enabling human progress.

      Our Progress Made Real Plan for 2030 — released in November 2019 — shares our vision for how we will drive this commitment through 2030, using our reach, technology and people to create a positive, lasting impact on humankind and the planet. Our 2030 goals are grounded in the belief that technology and data combined with human spirit is, and always will be, a positive force in the world.

      Dell Technologies actively supports public policies that will drive our desired outcomes in each of the four social impact focus areas.


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      FY20 Progress Made Real Report

      With this plan, we are taking our next bold step toward making progress real by setting goals across each of our key areas.


      2020 Diversity & Inclusion Report

      Learn how we are building a workforce that is inclusive and represents the diverse and global customers we serve.


      For Policymakers: Accelerating Digital Transformation in 2020

      Dell Technologies outlines a view of a world of accelerating convergence of technology, innovation and new opportunities for all – at this unique time in history.

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      As the world shifts from response to recovery, our focus remains on team safety, community support, innovative technology for a cure, billions in financing and business continuity for customers.