Social impact progress starts with strong measurement

    • Our Progress Made Real Plan for 2030 lays out ambitious goals for the coming decade. To meet these goals, we must chart a bold path and report our progress with clearly defined metrics. We’ve worked closely with stakeholders to strengthen our capabilities to measure our progress, ensure accountability, and understand where new ways of measuring are needed. 

    • Ambitious goals for impact

      From advancing environmental sustainability to cultivating inclusion to upholding ethics, we are committed to making real and bold progress.


      Strength in measurement

      Achieving our goals requires rigorous, granular measurement

      Strong reporting is key to ensuring we remain on the right path, and that’s why our strategy is informed by executives, stakeholders, audit teams and third-party partners. We’re continuing to strengthen our approach by re-examining methodologies and restructuring our data collection and management.

    • 4x

      In 2019, sustainable funds in the U.S. attracted nearly four times as much investment compared to 2018.

      According to a study by Morningstar.


      A growing, evolving demand for data

      Customers value transparency and purpose.

      Employees want to work for responsible companies. And investor expectations are changing. Our measurement approach reflects the diverse, growing and evolving demand for social impact metrics — and integrates the most important information from common external ranking and reporting frameworks.

    • Dell’s ambitious targets set the industry standard for social impact, with reporting that’s clear, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, and tied to business growth. Far beyond a simple mission statement, Dell’s unmatched commitment to accountability through measurement will be vital to supporting real change and advancing reporting overall.

      Mindy Lubber, Ceres President and CEO
    • The expectations on companies to be transparent about their ways of working are greater than ever before.

    • Strong measurement leads to better outcomes

      Rigorous reporting allows us to constantly evaluate our goals and programs, so we can continue to adapt and deliver even stronger results and impact. Moonshot goals, here we come. This work is the focus of our FY20 Progress Made Real Report. We invite you to explore our reports to view our metrics and learn more about the programs that are making progress real.


      FY20 Progress Made Real Report

      In our first report on our social impact plan for 2030, we focus on thoroughly explaining methodologies and data that show our starting points for our 2030 goals.


      2020 Diversity & Inclusion Report

      Learn how we are building a workforce that is inclusive and represents the diverse and global customers we serve.