• Our Vision for 2030

      At Dell Technologies, we are committed to driving human progress. Through our technology, people and scale we strive to create a lasting, sizable impact on humankind and the planet. Progress Made Real — Our Vision for 2030 articulates how we will create a positive social impact by focusing on the following key areas:


      Upholding Ethics & Privacy

      Ethics and privacy play a critical role in establishing a strong foundation for positive social impact. In this time of rapid innovation, big data, an evolving regulatory environment, and increasing expectations from both our team members and customers, our leadership in ethics and privacy is vital to what sets Dell Technologies apart. Our commitment to continually push to higher ethics and privacy standards will be a guidepost for our Progress Made Real work.



      We accelerate the circular economy
      We aim to change the system, designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible, and finding ways to regenerate natural systems.

      We protect our planet and inspire our customers and partners to do the same
      We are reducing our impact, acting against climate change and valuing natural resources across the value chain.

      We champion the many people who build our products
      We demand ethical practices, respect and dignity for everyone creating our products. Meeting our high standards is a condition of doing business with us, and we audit to ensure standards are upheld.



      We increase access to equal opportunities for all to advance progress
      We must close the diversity gap – it is critical to meeting market demand and developing innovative solutions that reflect our global customer base.

      We embrace differences, allowing innovation to thrive
      We recognize we continually make judgments influenced by social stereotypes we may not even be aware of. We believe identifying and mitigating those biases is key to unlocking innovation.

      We advance diversity and inclusion to drive business impact
      We strive to maintain a culture that celebrates different perspectives while empowering everyone to do their best work as their authentic selves.



      We bring more people into the digital economy
      We view access to technology not as a luxury, but as a necessity. The future belongs to those who can leverage technology to solve problems and drive human progress.

      We work to address society’s most pressing challenges
      We want to support the digital transformation of those working on global issues – increasing efficiency, driving analytics and applying innovative solutions to help nonprofits drive widespread impact.

      We create technology to tackle global challenges that impact millions
      We believe our scale, support and innovative application of our portfolio will play an important role in making progress real.

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      Learn how we are using our reach, technology and people to create a positive, lasting impact on humankind and the planet.

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        As we celebrate the success of our 2020 goals, Dell Technologies is outlining a bold new vision for driving human progress through 2030 and beyond.


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    • Reporting & Materiality

      We are committed to creating a positive social impact. Our reporting and approach to materiality demonstrates this commitment.


      FY19 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

      View our progress report on our 2020 Plan and our recent achievements.