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    Taking a stand, together

    • Michael Dell was a founder signatory of the Catalyst CEO Champions for Change initiative. This reflects both his and our commitment to accelerating the development of women in the workplace. Through senior leadership’s commitment to our strategic partnerships, we strive to ensure women have the opportunity and resources for success.

    • Women represent more than half of the U.S. population. They earn 60% of all master’s degrees and control or influence more than 70% of consumer spending. Yet their visibility in the corporate workplace doesn’t reflect this. For women of color, it’s even worse. 


      At Dell, we’re helping to drive change. We are one of 50 companies – represented by our CEO, Michael Dell – that are part of Catalyst CEO Champions for Change. We publicly pledge to advance more women and women of color into senior leadership positions and onto our boards. We commit to strengthening the diversity and inclusion metrics, policies, and practices across our organization. 


      Structural barriers or unconscious bias may exist in our workplace – we want to change that. We’re also sharing our data on women’s advancement, so we can collectively measure and report our progress.


      Together, we can make progress for women all over the world. 


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