• Gender Empowerment

    Accelerating equality in the workplace

    • Dell is committed to developing women across its global operations. We offer formal training, networking, mentoring and other resources to effectively advance our women around the globe. 


      Strategic Partner

      Taking a stand, together

      Michael Dell was a founder signatory of the Catalyst CEO Champions for Change initiative. This reflects both his and our commitment to accelerating the development of women in the workplace.


      Gender Talent Pipeline and Professional Development

      Helping attract, retain and grow our people

      Professional development is important to our team members, which makes it a priority for us. That’s why we’re focused on preparing our female employees at all levels with the skills they need to advance in the workplace through mentoring, training, networking and more.


      Internal Partnerships

      Building and strengthening connections

      Our diversity and inclusion efforts focus on driving open communication and true collaboration. Partnerships across Dell Technologies create opportunities to spread innovative best practices advancing all our efforts.