• Materiality & Stakeholder Engagement

    • Materiality and stakeholder engagement are critical inputs that inform our broader ESG strategy.

      In 2019, we conducted an analysis to identify the material environmental and societal issues where Dell Technologies can play the most meaningful role. We used this analysis to guide our Progress Made Real Plan for 2030.

      Since our materiality assessment in 2019, we have continued to move toward more robust environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting. In early 2021, we conducted a refresh of our materiality assessment to capture the changing circumstances of the previous year and to adopt a more dynamic approach to ESG materiality as an organization. This materiality refresh helps to ensure that we have the right level of focus on our stakeholders' top priorities where we can have the biggest impact. As a result, some new topics came to light, and existing topics may have shifted in position. For example, topics that have always been imperative for Dell, such as Governance and Business Ethics, are now on the map of material ESG topics. Not unlike our previous results, Dell recognizes interrelation between these topics and understands that our efforts in one area can impact performance in another.

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      Material issues

      We engaged with several key stakeholder groups, including Dell employees, investors, suppliers and customers. These stakeholder insights were leveraged to evaluate the importance of topics. Experts across the business and within our ESG governing bodies determined the opportunities and risks associated with each of these topics.

      Our new materiality refresh has allowed us to focus resources on areas where we have the greatest opportunities for growth and leadership or the biggest environmental or social risks to mitigate. Going forward, we will continue to align our ESG performance and reporting to these topics through our 2030 goals and referencing of frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). This past year’s efforts to become more aligned to GRI and SASB metrics were informed by our materiality refresh.

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    • Our Support for the U.N. SDGs

      The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations Member States in 2015 set forth a global vision for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. We believe technology will play a key role in many of these 17 ambitious, interrelated goals, and we see opportunities aligned with our own commitments to create a positive social impact.

      All of our 2030 goals are mapped to the specific SDGs that we believe they contribute to. 

      We see the potential to contribute to the SDGs in the following areas, all supported by our unwavering commitment to ethics and privacy:

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      Advancing Sustainability

      Our 2030 goals will help us reduce our environmental impact while driving even better conditions for those who make our products. We will collaborate across our value chain to drive circularity and to tackle climate change en route to our net zero goal. We will hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable to meaningful improvements in the communities where we work and live while championing those who make our products. Sustainability is a core part of our business, and we will continue to embed it into all we do.

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      Cultivating Inclusion

      Our successful future will be built on attracting and developing diverse talent while building on our inclusive culture. We will address inequities, create opportunities and continue to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce and culture. We will partner with our communities on programs that attract and expand the potential pool of talent for our future, and we will drive the skills and opportunities within our own walls that provide our diverse team members with greater opportunity and inspire them to grow and develop. Change starts with us.

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      Transforming Lives

      By harnessing our scale, our partnerships and our technology portfolio, we can enable a future that realizes the potential embodied in the SDGs. By providing our expertise and support, we can drive better health, improve education and grow opportunities in the digital economy for underrepresented groups. Success will depend on effective partnerships and creative approaches to delivering solutions. A better future is within our collective grasp, and we want to play our part.