• Youth learning

    Making brighter futures a reality

    • We believe that technology is the center of human progress. And with estimates predicting that 85% of the jobs people will do in 2030 don't yet exist, it's vital that we play our part in preparing the next generation – a key part of our future workforce

      Technology is a powerful tool for breaking down barriers and opening up new possibilities for children around the world. It can give a child living in a remote village access to the same information as someone living in the most affluent surroundings.

      The key is connecting technology to those who need it most, and that’s where our Youth Learning programs come in to play.

    • Solar Learning Labs

      Imagine living in an area where you can’t always count on having electricity supplied to your home or school. For many people, this is a daily reality. Now imagine being a school principal who must decide to power either the school or the computer lab, because there isn’t enough power to do both. Which would you choose?

      At Dell Technologies, our goal is to deliver sustainable connectivity and technology access to schools and communities, wherever they are. In Africa and Latin America, we are harnessing the sun, together with energy-efficient Dell Wyse thin clients, to create solar-powered classrooms we call Solar Learning Labs.

      We now have 20 labs, which have provided nearly 17,000 students access to technology. These labs are built in converted, well-ventilated shipping containers powered by solar panels and Dell technology. It takes only six solar panels to run a lab with 10 Dell Wyse thin client workstations and an air-cooled server for an entire day and into the evening.

      What’s more, together with our nonprofit partner Computer Aid, we’re opening up this program to participation from others who share our vision for sustainable connectivity. Click here to learn how you can help bring digital education to underserved children around the world.

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      Digital Education in Ethiopia

      Ethiopia ranks 174 out of 188 countries on the United Nations’ Human Development Report, making it a critical area for educational investment.

      Our first large-scale Youth Learning program in Ethiopia aims to raise digital literacy rates across the country. We are equipping 400 schools with Dell computers and providing grant funding for our longtime partner Camara Education, to deliver ICT training to teachers and school leaders. This transformational program brings the power of technology to 400,000 young learners aged 6-18 who currently cannot access technology at home or at school. Along with over 3,000 teachers and school leaders, these bright young minds will receive a whopping 16 million hours of ICT education training.


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      In China, three out of every four children grow up in rural areas. Unfortunately, they face many obstacles to academic achievement that their urban peers do not.

      When rural and migrant students fall behind in a subject, they cannot get extra help from their teachers as they are not permitted to tutor after school. These students cannot afford to hire private tutors or attend the “cram schools” that urban students often rely on. And they cannot get help from their parents, as many rural parents are poorly educated and often work and live away from the family home.

      In 2010 Dell and Stanford University’s Rural Education Access Program (REAP) partnered to bring computer-assisted learning (CAL) to young students in rural schools across China. The REAP-Dell CAL program uses fun, game-based software to teach math, Chinese and English. The online version of CAL eliminates the need to travel to remote areas to manage software, helping us reach more students.

      With the CAL program, students’ test scores have improved dramatically. Our goal is to reach one million students with Online CAL by 2020.


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