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    April 04, 2011

    EMC Expands Research Presence in Europe

    EMC opens EMC Research Europe and partners with University College Cork (UCC), University of Limerick and universities in Europe to advance Cloud, Big Data and Data Centre Transformation research programmes

    Story Highlights

    • EMC Research Europe becomes the fourth node in EMC’s worldwide Innovation Network, following existing initiatives in China and the United States
    • EMC Research Europe will be led by Donagh Buckley, Ireland’s newly-appointed Chief Technology Officer for the Centre of Excellence Cork, Ireland
    • EMC’s ‘anchor’ university research partner in Ireland is University College Cork; further partnerships established with the Hasso-Plattner Institut in Germany and EPFL in Switzerland

    DUBLIN, Ireland - April 04, 2011 -

    EMC Corporation, the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced that it has expanded its cloud computing, big data and data centre research programmes with the establishment of EMC Research Europe. The initiative is headquartered from EMC’s Centre of Excellence (COE) in Ovens, Cork, Ireland.

    EMC Research Europe will further advance the EMC Innovation Network, a worldwide collaboration of advanced technology researchers across EMC and its university research partners, and strengthen EMC’s longstanding commitment to technology innovation and university research and collaboration across the region.

    It will be led by Donagh Buckley, the newly-appointed Chief Technology Officer of the Centre of Excellence Ireland and Director of EMC Research Europe, and will initially be staffed by a cross-functional “virtual research team” of EMC technology and business leaders from Ireland and other EMC offices in Europe. EMC Research Europe will focus on accelerating emerging technology innovation and solution development, and further advancing EMC's relationships with university research communities and industry partners in Ireland and Europe.

    “EMC’s global R&D centres play a vital role in helping the company explore the impact of new technologies. We’re looking forward to the insights our researchers at the Cork centre and other offices in the region will bring the company in collaboration with university partners in Europe,” said Jeff Nick, EMC Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

    The location of EMC Research Europe in the company’s Ireland COE is a natural progression, following EMC’s establishment of a Research & Development Centre in Cork in 2008, and the strong links subsequently developed by the R&D team with many local and European universities and industry players.

    Adrian McDonald, Senior Vice President & General Manager for UK & Ireland at EMC, added: “EMC is committed to bringing together some of Europe’s leading research minds and innovators and collaborating with them in essential information technologies. This new European research initiative is a key step in the further development of Ireland’s support role for EMC at a European and global level.”

    University College Cork Partnership

    EMC has joined with University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland as the anchor university research partner for EMC Research Europe.

    UCC is located in Cork city, Ireland, and has collaborated with EMC since it established its International Operations campus in Cork in 1988. EMC researchers are now co-located on the UCC campus in partnership with UCC’s Cork Constraint Computation Centre (4C). Co-funded by the Science Foundation Ireland, the focus of these research programmes is cloud computing and data centre optimisation and data centre energy management. This alliance acts as a platform for the collaboration of some of Ireland’s leading researchers and innovators, and provides access to specialist industry and academic expertise and leading edge data analytics, essential for research of this kind. This programme has also created a platform for collaboration across other areas of research.

    Professor Barry O'Sullivan, Chair of Constraint Programming, School of Computer Science, and Director (incoming), Cork Constraint Computation Centre (4C), at UCC, comments: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with EMC on its new European Research Initiative which will further strengthen the close relationship built up between EMC and University College Cork over the years. This partnership will also benefit from Science Foundation Ireland's investment in 4C.”

    European Research Partnerships

    The research collaborations of EMC Research Europe will initially be centralised in Ireland, with the longer-term objective of strengthening relationships throughout Europe and developing ties with other research initiatives in the global EMC Innovation Network – including those underway at the other EMC COEs. For example, EMC’s Research & Development Centre has been working closely with the University of Limerick over the past two years as part of the 2008 R&D investment; in addition to this, new collaborations are already underway at two other university research centres in Europe – the Hasso-Plattner Institut (HPI) in Germany and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland.

    Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, Director and CEO at HPI, comments: “The Hasso-Plattner Institut is a pacemaker in the field of research and development in Information Technology and is constantly working on expanding and improving existing systems and technologies. Thanks to the valuable contributions and active support of our industry partners like EMC, we are able to make future systems more productive, more powerful and more efficient. We truly believe in the power of collaboration and the synergies that emerge from it.”

    Willy Zwaenepoel, Dean of Computer Science at EPFL, says: “We are very excited about the creation of EMC Research Europe, and we are looking forward to rich research collaboration with EMC in many areas, in particular cloud computing and storage solutions.”

    An example of the global reach of this initiative is the hosting of an academic workshop on data centre management and cloud computing, co-led by Donagh Buckley and Dr. Burt Kaliski, Director of the EMC Innovation Network, with Professor O’Sullivan at the AAAI Conference in San Francisco in August 2011: http://osullivan.ucc.ie/aaai-2011-aidc

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