• Supporting diverse talent to enter or re-enter the workforce

    • Building a diverse team isn’t just about recruitment; it’s also about retention — especially of women, who statistically leave the technology industry at a 45% higher rate than men, according to the Center for Talent Innovation. Careers don’t always follow a linear path, and often people take a break from the workforce to start a family, care for an aging parent, serve in the military or attend graduate school. We know that having such a gap on the resume can make it more difficult to get hired. We not only welcome professionals back to Dell Technologies after taking time off, but we also provide comprehensive workforce reentry programs that help them pick up where they left off.

    • Dell Career Restart

      It’s never too late to restart your career

    • In 2018, we launched Dell Career ReStart, which offers professionals a smooth transition to working at Dell Technologies after leaving the workforce for a year or more. While this program is available to everyone, most ReStart hires have been women. ReStart provides an extraordinary level of support spanning resume and interview coaching, mentorship, and training. We offer a dedicated, private online learning studio where new hires can refresh their skills as needed, working at their own pace.

    • Since launching, we’re integrated ReStart into our ongoing talent acquisition process so we can continually match eligible candidates with the best opportunities. We will train recruiters across the company on the nuances of career breaks and the tailored onboarding and training opportunities we offer hires post-break. We will also work with our Women in Action (WIA) employee resource group to recruit mentors for new hires.

    • Neurodiversity Training

      Empowering team members with disabilities

    • The number of people globally on the spectrum for Autism is rapidly growing, and as much as 90% of adults with Autism are unemployed or underemployed. To ensure we're doing our part to bring in the best, diverse candidates we can, members of the True Ability ERG helped kickstart our Autism Hiring Program, aiming to provide career readiness training and possible full-time career opportunities to individuals on the autism spectrum. The program challenged us to rethink our traditional interview processes and design an interview environment that allows individuals to fully showcase their true capabilities.

    • We are also supporting individuals on the autism spectrum through the Autism @ Work Employer Roundtable, a coalition where we work with partners to continue perfecting autism-focused hiring initiatives. Programs and initiatives like these are key to helping close the labor gap.

    • Learn more about our progress

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      2021 Diversity & Inclusion Report

      Learn how we are building a workforce that is inclusive and represents the diverse and global customers we serve.

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      Be who you are

      Hear from some of our global team members on how we are ensuring Dell Technologies is made up of the most exceptional talent, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or background.