At Dell Technologies, we believe that diversity is power

      It’s how we win and win the right way. We are experiencing a time when our commitment to diversity and inclusion has never been more important. The disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 and longstanding racial injustice have highlighted the need to address socioeconomic disparity and continue to work towards racial equity. At Dell Technologies we are committed to doing this work, within our own four walls and in our communities — to remove racial bias, increase representation, support the Black community and foster an inclusive environment.

      In this report, you’ll see data and initiatives that represent our workforce and efforts between Feb. 1, 2019 and Jan. 31, 2020. This report, and our 2030 goals, are important tools to drive measurable change. We will continue to champion for inclusive policies that support women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people with different abilities and other underrepresented groups. We will not let up on transparency, accountability or our ultimate end goal — to be the employer of choice for all.

    • I am optimistic about what we’ve built at Dell, of our culture that’s designed to support every team member in reaching their full potential, and of our vision for where we’re going. I’ve always believed diversity is power. It’s how we win and win the right way.

      Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies
    • Key program highlights

    • Building and attracting the future workforce

      Investing in STEM education opportunities for all


      Project Immersion

      Exposing underrepresented college students to emerging technologies.



      Narrowing the gap between non-computer science careers and a future in tech.


      Solar Labs

      Removing barriers to technology access for students on a global scale.


      We are all responsible for creating a workplace where everyone can succeed


      Employee Resource Groups

      Where team members with common interests or backgrounds bring their collective voices together.


      Black Networking Alliance

      Leveraging employee networks for recruitment and retention.


      Latino Connection

      Promoting cultural awareness and providing valuable support for customers.


      The lack of diversity in technology is an industry-wide problem


      Many Advocating Real Change

      Breaking down bias by creating space for honest conversations.


      Women in Technology

      Developing scalable solutions that foster more girls and underrepresented minorities graduating with STEM degrees and becoming tech leaders.


      Black Enterprise

      Facilitating STEM career connections for top college students.

    • By the numbers

      We’re making strides to increase gender and ethnic diversity throughout Dell Technologies. We still have work to do, and are committed to providing transparency into our progress.

    Global Gender Diversity

    • Our FY20 global workforce demographics illustrate positive strides in gender diversity. All groupings showed positive growth in representation for our team members who identify as women. Overall representation of women increased by 0.7% to 31.1%. Women in people leader roles increased by 1.0% to 24.4%, and 20.1% of technical roles are now held by women.

      FY19 fiscal year reporting is dated 2/1/19
      FY20 fiscal year reporting is dated 2/1/20


    U.S. Ethnicity

    • During FY20, Dell Technologies team members in the U.S. who identify as Hispanic or Latino and Black or African American increased in most groupings. Overall representation of these two groups now sits at 8.2% for Hispanic or Latino and 5.1% for Black or African American, increasing by 0.5% and 0.2%, respectively. Our People Leader representation in these two groups also has positive strides, with representation at 6.9% for Hispanic or Latino and 3.0% for Black or African American, increasing by 0.7% and 0.1%, respectively.


    • Awards & recognition

      Our corporate culture and commitment to integrity continue to be recognized. The awards below reflect our team’s commitment to championing ethics, inclusion, equity and access for all.