• Climate change is adversely affecting the planet. Successfully addressing the challenges this presents will require global cooperation with a sustained focus on both mitigation as well as adaptation. We believe technology has an important role to play on both these fronts and we support public policies that leverage this connection.



      Addressing the issue, together

      It is in the best interests of business and society to address climate change – now. Changes in migration patterns, growing seasons, rising sea levels and the frequency and severity of extreme weather events are just a handful of the issues our planet is already facing. The pace and extent of these changes to our natural systems have far-reaching social, environmental and economic consequences.

      We believe the time to act is at hand. We need both mitigation and adaptations strategies, and this is not something any one company or government can tackle on its own.

      Technology has a critical role to play in addressing climate change. We will engage public and private stakeholders, including those in our value chain of suppliers and customers, to understand and take actions to help society meet the challenges ahead.

      We also recognize the importance of sharing information. We have long reported to the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), which serves as the world’s largest database of primary corporate climate change information. We ask our suppliers to do the same, and we’ve also asked them to have emissions reduction goals in place by 2020.




      Our holistic approach to energy management, demand and procurement

      As a business, we combine energy conservation efforts with increasing amounts of renewables in our energy mix.

      Electricity makes up the largest proportion of our facility energy use, and we’re committed to buying from renewable sources. We are regularly ranked as a Top 50 purchaser of renewable energy in the U.S. EPA’s Green Power Partnership program and we incorporate on-site solar installations at several locations.

      Globally, renewably sourced electricity and on-site generation meet about one-third of our electricity needs.

      We constantly engage in energy efficiency improvements across our operations, like lighting retrofits and motor replacements. Two of our owned factories are ISO 50001 certified and we strongly encourage our suppliers to have ISO 50001 certification as well. When we build a new facility, we incorporate designs with more natural lighting, sun shading and improved equipment. We also work with our suppliers on their own energy efficiency efforts, helping reduce the overall embedded energy needs across our value chain.

      We’re also looking to improve the energy intensity and power use effectiveness of the data centers we manage.


      Water and waste

      Discover how we work across our supply chain to address water stress, water quality, and waste.